Does Eating Chocolate Really Help Your Weight Loss Efforts?


If there was only one diet that allowed you to eat all the chocolate you wanted; Without gaining weight. I have not found that diet plan yet, but I found some interesting news while doing some research on weight loss recently.

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chocolate for weight loss

Did you know that eating chocolate really can help you lose weight?

No, I’m not living in a dream world of my own creation. It is true! Research has shown that it is possible to eat chocolate – and other fatty snacks – and still lose weight. Of course, there is a strategy to use to do it correctly. You cannot simply eat chocolate for your heart’s desire and expect to lose weight, But it is possible to enjoy once in a while in a favorite chocolate treat – if you learn to eat.

If you have ever been on a diet, you know how important it is to keep your fat intake down. But, there is more to eating less fatty foods. One of the main keys to losing weight is not necessarily cutting all the fats (or more) from your diet, but to keep your calorie to the proportion of fat online. Most nutrition experts agree that in order to lose weight, (or even maintain) a healthy weight, you must keep the calories you get from fats below 30% of your total daily calorie intake. That may not sound hard to do until you start checking out those foods labels and realize how many fats we normally consume without even realizing it.

Now, think about adding a 200-calorie chocolate bar filled with 13 grams of fat to a scale of 1500 calories a day will make your fat/calorie ratio. It will trigger your fat index above the 30% allocation for the day by at least 10-15%! Imagine what would happen if you added a small portion of French fries to your lunch, along with the candy bar as a midday snack. Most of us routinely eat worse than that which would explain why Americans are so fat.

In case you feel discouraged, take the heart. When those hitting cravings try this simple strategy: increase your daily caloric intake with 300 calories of nutritious fat-free foods and you will make a change in your fat-to-calorie ratio, with a 20% reduction in your fat ratio for the day. That will help you avoid weight gain. The ingenious trick, right?

Now, before you go out to eat, remember that adding another 1,000 calories of fat-free food to your diet on a regular (or even daily) basis will not work. Remember that constantly consuming more calories (even fat-free) can hamper your weight loss plans.

That said, you can use this simple strategy from time to time to give you more freedom to enjoy the desserts you love – and miss – more while you diet. Over time, you may even come up with low fat or nonfat food choices instead of high calorie / high-fat foods.

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