Dababy Height, Age, net worth, how tall is dababy, and lesser known facts

Dababy, who is more famous as Jonathan Lindale Kirk and Baby Jesus and he was born on December 22nd, 1991 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Dababy height is 170 cm. He is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. His presence is prominent for many reasons and especially for the genre, he is into. He is a hip hop star, trap star, and currently, he is not rapping, singing, and writing songs too. He is truly an inspiration for many.

Dababy height

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Dababy age, dababy height, dababy net worth, how tall is dababy, and lesser known facts

Real NameJonathan Lyndale Kirk
Date of BirthDecember 22, 1991 ( Cleveland, Ohio, U.S )
Age28 Years Approx ( Oct 2020 )
Dababy Height ( how tall is dababy )5 Feet 7 Inches
  • Rapper
  • singer
  • songwriter
GenreHip Hop
Marital StatusNot Known
Social MediaInstagram – @ dababy

Twitter – @ DaBabyDaBaby

Youtube – @ BabyJesus704

Dababy early and childhood

Dababy was from northern California but he had moved from there in 1999. He did his schooling at Vance high school where he also received his graduate degree. In his childhood days, he listened to Eminem and he listened very, much and it was Eminem and Lil Wayne both of them inspired him a lot. His childhood was a happy one as he was involved in learning and he used to listen to songs a lot and he used to even practice a lot. That is why; it helped him in many ways of his life.

Dababy height and Age

Dababy height is approximately 170 cm or 5 feet 7 inches. Dababy age is 28 Years Approximately in Nov 2020.

His huge success and his life

When he realised that signing is the thing which makes him happy and it is the thing which is also close to his heart. He never went like this and he always gave his hundred percent to singing and with time he discovered that there are many things besides singing he wants to discover, Then he started writing songs and he began his journey with that and it also remained beautiful. His first break changed his life and it was when he sang Arnold Taylor. He was the president of the south coast music group label and it was a big radio promoter. Taylor started performing in many clubs and especially in northern California and with time he started doing stage shows. That is how he got into stage shows and that is how he even learned that.

Dababy best songs 

Well, whatever dababy has sung that became famous bit baby, cash shit, and intro are one of such songs which got popular and added starts into his personality. No one can forget his ‘Up The Street’ album it was so beautiful and wonderful that it still reminds us of so many things. His popularity already was on the swing but when his song got selected for getting played on the billboard. It was like a dream coming true and his presence and dream became a feeling which he witnessed into his life. It was one of the best moments of his life and since then his songs are always caught on billboards. Recently his new album had got launched ‘BLAME IT ON BABY’, the cover is blue and it si so awesome and full of appreciation. Every song sung by dababy is getting popular and his fans are already impressed by him.

What kept him motivated?

In many of his interviews, he said that his childhood had a great role in life. When he used to be alone and used to listen to songs sung by Eminem and Lil Wayne that became an inspiration in life and it inspired him quite a lot. So those were days when I was learning about singing a child started also dreaming of becoming like them, singing like them. A child had started dreaming about stages; also a child had started learning about songs. So with time, these things were becoming his inspiration and these views started inspiring him. Not just inspiring but it also started motivating him and he started becoming a passionate learner of the music. Well, no one in this world has this power that he or she get inspired by the outer world but everyone in this world has this power that they must inspire people from inside and everyone can find out the reason for it inside. So music was the thing I loved a lot and it also started inspiring me.

His awards and nominations

The entire artist who wins and who does not are the stars and their arts is their award, so Dababy was never obsessed with receiving any kind of award. But he received many into his life and he won for a baby sitter, cash shit, suge and it was ASCAP Rhythm and Soul; Music awards in 2020. It was one of the quite inspiring moments for him, and then he won BET awards for the ‘Himself’, for best male hip hop artists. He was also nominated for awards like Grammy and he was nominated many at times. But he was never obsessed with them; he always tried giving his best and rest he left on the universe. That was his firm faith and it really helped him to improve in life.

Message for young future

Those who never take their future seriously then they must take their passion genuinely and seriously. When they will start investing in it, it will kind of change their life forever. Passion is one of those things which have changed the lives of many. If you truly believe in your passion, you must not forget without passion, without improvements life is nothing. Those who stick to their comfort zone, they remain empty hands but those who work upon themselves. They surely improve into their life and their life also gets changed.


Life is a precious journey and we all are blessed and given some blessing into our life. So Dababy is not just a singer but he is also an inspiration for millions of people. For those who want to download his pictures, songs, videos; it has become so easy to do. You can go and listen to his songs on Saavan, Spotify online or you are also free to download them. But Spotify and Saavan have paid and unpaid version, so you can choose anyone from them. You can tune with us and we are here to bring all the information and news about him. We are also providing all the pictures and songs sung by him on our website. Feel free to download and contact me in case of any confusion.

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