JayR Tinaco Wikipedia, Age, Height and Little Known Facts

JayR Tinaco has become one of the golden names in the movie industry where he has just set an example with her name. His character ‘Zayn Petrosian’ in the current Netflix series is ‘another life’. Millions of fans are Gaga over this 30 years old JayR. With time, followers are multiplying on Instagram, so his popularity.

JayR tinaco

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JayR Tinaco Wikipedia, Age, Height and Little Known Facts

Real NameJayR Tinaco
Date of BirthJanuary 5, 1989
Place of BirthManila, Philippines
Age 31 Years as of Nov 2020
Height178 cm
Relationship StatusNot Known
Net WorthNot Known
Social MediaInstagram – jayrtinaco

Well, he has also played some other characters as well as which are also worth mentioning and helped him in gaining popularity. Another life is a Sci-Fi which was created by Aaron Martin and appreciated for its uniqueness in its concept. People are fond of Sci-Fi and if it is well made, and then the popularity is quite guessable.

So you might be waiting to know his personal information. Let’s start with his birthplace; he came to this world on 5th January 1989, in Sydney, Australia. Then later his parents moved to Queensland, where he shared his previous moments along with his siblings.

JayR Tinaco Attended acting classes

He has attended his acting classes in the professional actor masterclass held in L.A. This one is also one of the popular acting programs which were organized by the Australian Institute of performing arts. In an interview, he gave his interview that, Robin Williams and whooping Goldberg have left a great impact on him and motivated him for the acting field.

Fans might be excited to know more details about Jayr. Starting with his ambition, he always wanted to be smart scope and that is why he went for completing his education at the Australian Institute of performing arts, Sydney. He is 5″7″ with a weight of 65kg and broken eye color with brown hair.

Though, not much is shared about his family and siblings. His career started off with the debut of ‘summer day’ and with time he moved on and played many roles and his role for Sci-Fi. Then his actual career started with ‘Always Be My Maybe’ in the year 2019. Personal life is not much known whether it is about his family or about his partner. On Instagram, his followers appreciate it whenever he posts anything there. He is always found in bold makeup and maintains his personality pretty well.

Early life

If talking about his earlier life he used to be a bartender to advocate for his family financially. When he started his career here, he worked in many movies such as Drown’ of Dean Francis: Dan, whereas he was also seen in short movies such as Life again by Simone Pietro Felice: Alan. Show Boy by Samuel Leighton Dore: the drag queen also remains popular and appreciated by the audiences. We have also seen him in notable TV shows such as summer Bay, Rake: Qi (2 episodes), and another life: Zayn Petrosian.

His photographs can be downloaded from anywhere on the Internet. His fans can follow him on his Instagram account, where they can see his movements.

Whenever he was asked about his experience in his first Sci-Fi, he always it was like hospitality. And indeed it was fun working with his Co-workers. He said he will always like to work on new concepts rather than repeating one. This life is close to his heart and he would like to work in such work every time. Well, he is working in this series only and he would like to be working here. His future plans are not revealed yet, and he said to his fans if he finds anything he will share about his new projects with his fans. His experience with this show is different, from his experience with his success. Go and download his pictures and videos from the Internet and you can even follow him on his personal account too.


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