How are zirconia crowns made?

One of the best ways to improve a smile is to treat damaged or aesthetically imperfect teeth and hide them under zirconium crowns. You can install them here: Let’s take a look at how a crown that perfectly fits your tooth is created.

How are zirconia crowns made?

Zirconia crowns step by step

Before installing a crown, the doctor should make sure that the tooth is healthy. If there is caries, it is removed. If there is inflammation, it is treated. Go to Website Brickell Dental Care to learn more about the treatment methods.

After that, the tooth is filed. A significant advantage of zirconia is that it is extremely strong, so it can be used to create a crown with fairly thin walls. Thanks to it, the tooth has to be filed relatively slightly. The next steps are as follows:

  1. Creating an impression of the teeth.
  2. Creating a mold of the teeth.
  3. Cutting the mold into parts. It is necessary to scan each tooth impression from all sides.
  4. Scanning the parts of the mold and creating a 3D computer model of the future crown. This allows the doctor to achieve a millimeter accuracy in creating zirconium tooth crowns. This accuracy ensures that they will not rub too much on the adjacent teeth and will not contribute to their wear.
  5. Creating a crown. It is “printed” in the zirconia block and should be carefully cut, shaped, and polished. At this stage, it is still quite fragile.
  6. Firing in the furnace. Under the influence of high temperature, the crown becomes hard.
  7. Smoothing. This is the final stage when the crown is made smooth to the touch, and excessive roughness is removed.

The crown can be made right in the doctor’s office if the equipment is available. The manufacturing process takes only a few hours.

Cost of zirconium crowns in comparison with other materials

Crowns are often made of ceramic, porcelain, resin, metal, or other materials. Compared to them, zirconium is more expensive. However, the price is covered by the service life of up to 25 years. In addition, unlike metal-based crowns, which can show a darker color, they reflect light like a natural tooth. They do not darken the gums and do not cause an allergic reaction.

To save money, you can use tricks. You can put zirconium dental crowns on the front teeth that are visible when you smile and install porcelain ones on the chewing teeth.

Contact Brickell Dental Care for a detailed consultation. Our doctors will select the care, treatment, or prosthetics that is right for you. Come and make your smile shine.

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