5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Websites and Services in 2023


It’s become a typical aspect of living in the modern world. It is normal to be wary of such calls because they can occasionally come from dishonest people trying to con you. Services for reverse phone lookup are useful in this situation.

You may get a ton of details about the phone number behind an incoming call by using a reverse phone lookup service. Using publicly available data, you can use this procedure to match a name to reverse phone numbers.

Thanks to advancements in technology, reverse phone number searches are becoming a common way to conduct background checks. Today, it’s simple to find websites offering a paid reverse phone lookup service.

Here are the top services for conducting a reverse phone number lookup in order to locate an unknown caller. To start, here are our top five reverse phone lookup services.

  1. NumLooker – a well-known and highly regarded reverse phone lookup website in the United States.
  2. USPhoneLookup – easily identifies the caller and contacts them through their associated social media account.
  3. USPhoneSearch – providing an excellent user experience throughout the entire procedure.
  4. WhoseNumber – it facilitates communication with an individual who makes irritating phone calls.
  5. Spokeo – the service is quick, and the membership fee is equally affordable as the trial.



NumLooker is a well-known and highly regarded reverse phone lookup website in the United States. It is never out of your reach, and there is no cost associated with making use of it. Simply enter the number into the website’s search bar. In a few minutes, the website will demonstrate all publicly accessible information.

It can reveal the caller’s full name, social media accounts, financial history, location, residential or official address, wealth, and other valuable information. You can choose whether to return the unknown caller’s call after evaluating all of the available information.

NumLooker is also renowned for its 24-hour accessibility, complimentary services, and precise results. NumLooker provides additional services such as background checks, email and address lookups, and more. And you are free to utilize its platform to operate all of these services.


  • Monthly checks without limit
  • Text and image searches are possible.
  • Single, straightforward report
  • Excellent customer service
  • Basic pricing structure
  • It is an outstanding service.


  • Additional cost to download a document

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It is significantly simpler to collect data and discover spam and scam calls. You can easily identify the caller and contact them through their associated social media account. These free resources will assist you in avoiding scammers and unsolicited calls.

Due to this characteristic, many U.S. citizens prefer this site over others that perform phone lookups. This website is so intuitive that even those with limited Internet experience can use it.


  • It is absolutely free
  • Rapid and secure search
  • The mobile application is accessible.
  • Easy to reach


  • It is unavailable outside the United States.

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USPhoneSearch is incredibly quick and easy to use, providing an excellent user experience throughout the entire procedure. The company may offer the widest variety of search types on the market, with over seven distinct options.

You can refine your reports using aliases and tailor them to your needs. Simply enter the phone number into the reverse phone lookup field, and US Search will examine carefully selected data points and provide the most current information.


  • More than twenty-five years in the industry
  • 256-bit encrypted access to both private and public records.


  • Slow file loading
  • Register for access to the results

Use The Best Online Service In The US



WhoseNumber is popular due to its unique characteristics. It facilitates communication with an individual who makes irritating phone calls. With its quick server and precise results, you can obtain any information about that individual.

After becoming familiar with this platform’s features, you must pay close attention to it. Calls from unknown callers can be both suspicious and threatening. However, once you select WhoseNumber, you will no longer have to live in fear. WhoseNumber prioritizes the reliability of the data it provides. To maintain consumers’ confidence, it collects information from multiple credible sources.


  • SSL verification is valid.
  • This site has been online for some time.
  • This website is deemed secure by DNSFilter.


  • To conceal his identity, the website’s owner utilizes a paid service.

Visit WhoseNumber To Find Out The Unknown Caller


One of the most affordable reverse phone lookup services is Spokeo. You can give it a try risk-free for a full week at the unbelievably low cost of $0.95. The service is quick, and the membership fee is equally affordable as the trial.

With regard to search results, Spokeo will offer you the same level of functionality and customization regardless of the subscription you select. In all reports, you’ll find the bare minimum of information, such as name, address, city and state, phone number, age, marital status, and level of education.


  • Free phone number lookup in reverse
  • Utilizable sophisticated filtering tools
  • Notifies you of profile modifications


  • Possible auto-billing following a free trial

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How We Ranked the Top Phone Number Lookup Services?

While there are numerous free online phone lookup services, their databases are often not updated frequently enough to offer accurate reverse lookups. There are a number of reputable free options, but we ranked Numlooker as the best.

Customer service is a crucial consideration when selecting a reverse phone lookup provider. Customer service quality can decide the fate of a company’s reputation.

Make sure you are aware of the legal implications of using a reverse phone lookup search to access information. Subscribing to a service is only advisable if it provides complete information on how its data is utilized.


With the development of technology, we now have access to everything through a smartphone. With platforms giving the greatest reverse phone lookup solutions, staying secure is the aim, and you can quickly check the caller’s details or confirm the information associated with a phone number.

In order to help you choose the website that will provide you with the most accurate information and specifications about what you’re searching for, we’ve offered a list of some of the top reverse phone lookup websites in this post along with some shopping recommendations.

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