Top 10 Crystals for Healing Body and Soul!

Today many people wear crystals as jewellery items or place stones around the home for decoration, but their use is not restricted to that. Many believe that the gentle vibrations of different crystals can have a healing effect on one’s body & soul and that we are drawn to particular crystals because our body is calling for its particular healing quality. Of course, before considering using crystals for healing the usual cautions must be given: if you are suffering from any illness you should see a qualified medical practitioner first. However, if you do wish to use crystals as a complementary form of therapy, where do you start? One way is to react to the stones with intuition alone. If you are drawn to a crystal then that is the crystal for you. However, I personally think there are some particularly useful crystals that belong in a “Crystal top 10 list”, as it were. These are crystals that are particularly useful and versatile. You might have your own views, of course, in regard to which stones belong in such a list, but I think all would agree that the crystals below are some of the most useful, easily available stones one can find for body & soul.

crystals for healing

1. Blue Lace Agate

A gorgeous light blue stone to which many people feel drawn. It is a calming, rest-inducing stone that also helps people communicate their thoughts & ideas easily. It can also ease throat & thyroid problems. Keep this stone on you if you sometimes find yourself getting stressed & irritable, and unable to express yourself easily.

2. Amethyst

This beautiful purple/lavender stone is a great all-rounder. Perfect for people with obsessions & compulsions, it soothes the soul and helps combat addictive behaviour. It is helpful to hold an amethyst stone during meditation. It can also help with insomnia & headaches.

3. Carnelian

The bright red/orange colour of this stone reminds one of the sun, and certainly, the stone brings a lot of traditional sunny qualities back into your life. Hold this stone and find yourself feeling more optimistic, open & joyful. You will feel re-energised & courageous. It is also said to help with back problems & fertility.

4. Citrine

This light yellow stone, like Carnelian, is very energising. It is also very protective & will dispel any negativity directed your way. Citrine attracts prosperity into one’s life & helps with self-esteem issues. Many say it can also help with menopausal/menstruation problems.

5. Haematite

A black/silver stone that can help ground your mind & spirit when stress and tension (and indeed even fear) threaten to overwhelm it. It is very calming & protective. It can help one concentrate more & focus on the job at hand. It also aids the body’s absorption of iron and so is good for anaemia.

6. Red Jasper

This stone should be carried with you whenever you feel threatened or under attack. It protects against all hostility and negativity and fills one with courage. It can also help with the proper functioning of the sexual organs.

7. Lapis Lazuli

A favourite of mine, this blue stone with gold flecks can help develop your psychic abilities. It is also very protective while you sleep, perfect if you suffer from night terrors & fears. Like all blue stones it also helps your self-expression.

8. Clear Quartz

Another great all-rounder. This stone can “stand in”, as it were, for other stones if necessary, and so if you can only afford one stone, this should be your choice. Clear Quartz specifically reinvigorates the body and helps the immune system.

9. Rose Quartz

If you sometimes find yourself thinking negatively about yourself or other people, or if you are the object of other people’s hostility, use the gentle power of this pink stone to bring love & friendship into your life. I have found that placing a small rose quartz crystal in my office ensures that even the most stressed out visitor leaves feeling calm & at peace with all around him/her.

10. Tiger’s Eye

A gold/brown stone that can help you focus your willpower & mind, helping you achieve your goals. It encourages single-mindedness, drive & determination. It is an excellent stone to carry with you at job interviews or at any other potentially difficult meeting!

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