A Plant Escape: Ideal Plants to Be Grown for New Gardeners

Sometimes when stress is too much, a person needs another way to release their stress and relax. Luckily, gardening is an effective way to relax and release stress hormones in the body as plants could help in boosting the mood and are healthy for the human mind. Also, they are attractive and pleasing to look at, so there is no wonder why lots of people are more into gardening now more than ever.

Plants have also become one of the primary sources of food for many people. Some plants are healthy to consume, and some have other purposes, like being medicinal plants. Indeed, becoming a gardener will bring lots of goodness and improve a person’s quality of life.

A garden should not be big for you to enjoy. Sometimes a small area could be turned into a garden full of flowers blooming or even fruits and vegetables. You name it! As long as they can survive and withstand their condition, you will be good to go. So, as a new gardener, here are some plants that you could start growing in your garden.

Plant Escape


Some peonies are typically grown outdoors, and some peony plants are good container plants that could be placed indoors. A peony plant could grow up to two to three feet and spread two to four feet. Traditionally, peonies grow in shades of white, red, pink, and rose colors and are easy to grow.

In growing them, place them in a place where they could have a full sun exposure since they could bloom their best- when they get six to eight hours of sunlight per day. Peonies are also beneficial as a medicinal cure for some health problems like gout, menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome, and more.

Additionally, this plant is one of the most popular flowers you see in wedding celebrations. They are used in weddings as they are seen as a language of love. They represent many positive things related to being in a relationship like having a happy marriage, compassion, riches, and the like. Learn more on how to grow them by visiting Gardener’s Path.


There are many adorable cactus plants available today, especially that more people are getting interested in growing plants. Also, it is best to be grown by busy and beginners in gardening since cacti plants are low maintenance.

A cacti plant is a sturdy plant that can tolerate low humidity and does not need much attention. Additionally, plant them in succulent soil to not die because they do not like being watered too much.

Also, they come in lots of colors and various sizes. They will be most happy when they have a lot of sunshine and are placed in a warm room. So, even if you go on a long vacation for two weeks, you can expect that your cacti will still be happy and good when you come back.


One of the most flexible plants a new gardener could try growing is chard. Growing them could be done pretty much any time of the year, and it would not be a problem if you grow them indoors or outdoors. Also, if you are health conscious, growing chards could help you get the nutrition your body needs, as chard’s leaves could be added to your favorite salad or cooked like spinach.

Chard is easy to grow, and it grows quickly, especially in places with cooler temperatures. They are heat tolerant, too, if you plan on growing them in hotter areas, although its growth may take some time. Providing enough water is necessary for caring for them, just like all other vegetable plants, and a good fertilizer will make things work for the best.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is popular in being part of people’s skincare routine as they are natural and effective in making glowing better skin. Fortunately, you will not need to spend thousands of cash just to have a supply of aloe vera. You can grow it in your garden, and it’s easy to care for.

This kind of plant is known to heal some wounds and used for other health purposes– no wonder it is loved by many! In caring for them, keep your aloe vera plant in a sunny spot. Also, water them deeply, but not always. They do not like to be overwatered since it could cause them to rot.

Additionally, in growing them, they’d love to be grown in a potting mix for succulents. Place them in the balcony area or back porch of your home if you want, and they will enjoy the summer season to grow more.


Whether you want to have a salad with cucumbers or add it to your favorite food wraps, cucumbers will surely give you the refreshing feeling that you need. Growing cucumbers is easy, but the biggest factor that you must consider is always to provide them with water since inconsistent watering can result in bitter cukes.

Also, providing a lot of sun exposure for cucumbers to grow is essential in its development. Having this plant in your garden will make you spend less in your supermarket shopping for vegetables and fruits. Lastly, they will do best when planted on loose sandy loam soil provided with good drainage.


Gardening is a perfect activity to get yourself moving and active. You can do it with your loved ones and even kids to teach them the importance of growing and caring for plants on earth. There are various plants you could start planting, and you may try the few ones mentioned above if you want to start your journey in gardening!

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