Top 5 Technology Trends Reshaping The Fashion Industry In 2022

Technology has been changing trends and revolutionizing the world for decades now. Every year, new systems and gadgets take over the old ones and the previous ones do not take time to become outdated. In this article, we will discuss the top five technological trends that are reshaping the fashion industry and making it increase productivity and efficiency, using the best possible means to find solutions. The industry has faced a productivity crisis for a long time and so it can improve the input, processes, and output of the industry as a whole with the establishment of the new technology.

Fashion Industry

1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has changed the world whether it be in any sector or industry. Everything has been affected and reshaped with the implementation of artificial intelligence. In the fashion industry, makeup brands have used this tool of Artificial intelligence to give a boost to the shopping experience of customers, predicting the trends that will be inherited by their loyal customers, increasing their sales, and bringing up efficiency in their inventory departments. As an example, Finery, a huge British brand of fashion has merged AI with analytics to provide the best customer experience for their online users. Now customers can virtually find out new and unique looks for their wardrobes according to their customizations.

2. Internet of things

Being an emerging technology, the internet of things has an immense number of benefits for its users and it beholds abilities that can enhance not only the customer experience in the industry but also boost the management of the companies. IoT allows exchanging of data and information wirelessly through data connections. People nowadays like to groom themselves with technology to stay up to date, for example, wearing smartwatches to track an order or estimated timing or other gadgets that can provide them with instant information such as staying in contact with workers and their processes to know productivity and efficiency on a deeper level. For such connections and for the IoT to work smoothly, companies and people need to understand that the internet is an irreplaceable need. However, not all providers work to ensure reliable connections and provide a high-speed internet connection, however, you can rely on one of the best with Xfinity and its services, providing you with smooth 24/7 customer service –working to connect you to the world online at all times.  The sustainability of these gadgets is only possible with the assistance of the Internet of things and creating a maximum level of productivity.

3. Virtual reality and augmented reality:

All the online shopping sites we see nowadays are examples of virtual reality as it combines the real world and online experience by merging them through systems. Whenever you visit a website, the owners get track of your buying behavior, your wish list, frequently browsed items, and much more insights. For example, VIRTUSIZE is a platform that allows users to represent their clothing sizes online to get the best fit out of their products. Virtual and augmented reality combined gives a great experience to the customers because they can try the products of their interest virtually and get a sense of how the product would suit them. This increases the chances of products being bought because they have already been tried on. Virtual and augmented reality is not only restricted to this but comprises a large number of benefits that are yet to be put into the systems.

4. 3-D Printing

Printing on products has always been a trendy business whether it be on shirts, mugs, or anything else. When it comes to 3-D printing, you would want to try out products having your favorite customized prints on them. 3-D printing has been a success factor for many fashion brands in 2022. Van Herpen is a designer who was one of the pioneers in 3-D printed clothing and she has also made fashion pieces for special clients such as Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

3-D printing takes printing art to a new level where looks are everything to adore. It further took steps into cutting-edge technology. This technology can be used in mobile phone devices, smart wearables, or even any other eligible accessory.

5. Sustainability

The past trends in the fashion industry followed traditional trends that could not be changed for decades. Now some dresses do not need to be given a seasonal tag but they can be worn in summers or winters. This has happened due to the growing sustainability in this sector. When brands move towards seasonal products they can only serve the customers at one point in time. Hence, moving to a diverse variety where suits can be created for any kind of season has become a norm and many brands have started following it because of the growing demand of customers. According to a research survey, almost 47% of brands are now looking for and moving towards sustainable products.


All these technology trends have been very successful in changing the attitude of brands and customers by bringing innovations to businesses and creating ease for customers in their shopping experience in the fashion industry. They are the trends that cannot be easily left behind because of the massive benefits they provide to their users and they can further be shaped into more convincing technologies.

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