Dress for the Occasion: How to Pick the Right Belt for Every Event

Men’s belts are not just any random kind of accessory. There are different types of belts for men. From men’s dress belts to casual leather belts to cloth-type belts, each one is styled to suit, accentuate and enhance a particular outfit, clothing ensemble or dress code.

There are belts created for jeans, and there are also more exquisite belts tailored for suits. Some belts can be worn during casual, everyday agendas while there are also belts reserved for more formal gatherings.

Knowing the difference between each type of belt enables you to style an outfit that’s spot-on for your body type and a specific type of event

This simple guide will give you a background on the different types of belts for men, along with the right occasion to pair with each type of belt.

How to Pick the Right Belt

Casual Belts

Casual belts can go with your everyday outfit. You can wear them with almost any type of pants, even with your favourite kind of jeans. Casual belts can be made of leather, canvas, or even suede. Some casual belts have patterns and adornments, such as embroidery or woven leather.

Dress Belts

Not to be mistaken as an accessory exclusively for dresses, men’s dress belts go well with business-casual office attires and even formal gatherings. A dress belt is the kind of belt that you will want to flaunt with your fancy, formal pants and trousers.

Cloth Belts

Also called fabric belts, cloth belts are more of a style choice and not a select type of belt designed for a particular kind of event. Its texture and unique appearance make it suitable for adding more depth and edge to your laidback getup.

Belts can be classified based on its buckle type, too. Straps with an O-shaped buckle often come in the form of canvas belts or woven fabric. Plate buckles come with belts worn by cowboys, while snap buckles are more for men who are into sports and outdoor adventures. Fasteners that are square or rectangular and are commonly seen in both formal and casual belts.

Picking the right belt for every occasion

You can usually determine the correct type of belt to wear for an event based on its appearance, width and material. The rule of thumb is the skinnier the belt, the more appropriate it is for a formal occasion. On the other hand, if a belt is wider in size or has a bigger buckle, then it is considered an accessory for casual outfits and social gatherings. It is better to opt for belts with the classic square and frame-style buckle. This type of buckle on a belt works best for corporate events and meetings.

Pair your dress belts with your dress shoes, and save your sneakers for belts with a more easy-going design. For colour coding with your belt, match the shade of your belt with the colour of your shoes. The same rule applies when picking a belt made of a different material other than leather (e.g. suede or canvas). While brown leather belts go well with most colours of suits and jeans, black leather belts are reserved for black shoes and suits.

Mixing and matching belts with the right type of outfit can be fun. More importantly, the appropriate kind of belt instantly gives you that polished, professional, and mature vibe—the kind of impression that you would want to leave in any social event.


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