6 Unique Ways to Remember A Lost Loved One!

The loss of a loved one feels like losing a piece of yourself. No matter what your relation has been with the deceased, it often leaves a void within you. Losing someone’s presence from your daily life is not easy and their loss takes time to cope with. Memorializing your loved ones after their passing is a great way to cope with the loss and make sure they are always around! Here are 6 ways to remember a lost loved one for years after they’re gone!

Ways to Remember A Lost Loved One

Create A Memorial Website for Them

The Internet is forever. A virtual world that does not see wear and tear, death or decay. What better way than creating a virtual resting place for your loved one filled with all the memories! A beautiful memorial website will be the place where all the stories, pictures, and memories can be compiled. It can be updated and revisited by friends and family alike!

Plan a Day Doing Their Favourite Things

The fun part is not just visiting. It’s about taking them along! Create a small face cut-out and make them part of your group outings. It can be their favourite hot dog stand or the bar they frequented. Take pictures with an instant camera and create a fun scrapbook. You can also end the day with a toast and let everyone jot down in the scrapbook, one memory about the loved one from a specific place!

Give Out in Their Name!

You can pool money from friends and family to create a charity for a cause the loved one believed in. If they believed in aiding the poor, create a deposit with a local shelter, or contribute towards the food distribution. You could also install a bench engraved with their name in the park or donate a piece of furniture at an orphanage. You don’t need a lot of money to do this really. You can create something as small as pre-paid food coupons and distribute it amongst the underprivileged or even distribute food packets!

Pot a Plant with Their Remains

If your loved one was cremated, you can ensure they remain with you someway. You can buy an indoor plant like a ZZ plant, which is easy maintenance, or a Crassula, commonly known as the Jade Plant. Combine the remains with the potting soil. Choose a pot that fits right with the personality of your loved one and pot the plant in the soil. Watch your plant flourish and remember to water them lovingly every day, remembering your loved one! You can also plant a tree in your backyard in their memory and continue their legacy for generations to come!

Get a Special Piece of Jewellery

What better than a piece of accessory you can wear every day that serves as a memorial for your lost loved one? You can get a ring or even a bracelet etched with their name or their favourite quote. You can also get a necklace with their initials or even a locket, which has a secret photo compartment in it, where you can keep them with you forever and ever! Looking at the jewellery, you’ll remember their presence, beyond just physical!

Create a Memory Box

This is one of the most personal and creative ways to create memorability of your loved one. This can also be a great way to cope with the grief. All you need is a box and a lot of memories! Take time and find things that mean a lot to you with regards to your loved one. It can be a small button, a receipt from your first date, an admit card from a movie you went to, a wrapper from the first chocolate you shared, the hoodie you stole…just anything that reminds you of them. Collect all of them and make small notes for everything.

Also add pictures, or screenshots of fun conversations you’ve had on text, or even a note with things they’d say frequently! You can even spritz their favourite cologne over everything. One by one, put them in the box. You can also add a flower from their burial, signifying a complete circle of life. It’s completely up to you what you add in the box. You can revisit these memories whenever you miss them and it’ll be like they never left!

Create a Piece of Art

Draw, paint, write a poem, or maybe even a small biography. Create a piece of art that incorporates your loved one in one manner or another. This can be framed and placed in your house to remember your loved one fondly!

Tell us in the comments which practice you liked or are planning to do for your lost loved one. Make them unforgotten and let their memories live on forever and ever!

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