Malu Trevejo Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and lesser known facts

Maria Luisa ‘Malu’ Trevejo is a famous Cuban born singer and hails from Miami, Florida who even performs in both Spanish and English. gave her so much popularity, on this platform she used to share her videos. People showed great interest in her voice and with time she embarked on getting recognition. Malu has now become an Instagram personality; more than 8 million followers are there who follow her.

More about Malu Trevejo  

Malu was born on September 22nd in the year 2017, and when her debut single ‘Luna Llena’ got released via Universal Music Latin. ‘En Mi Mente’ has got 10 million views on this and this brought him quite good popularity. His many works got good attention and his single debut ‘Luna Llena’ and this got produced by The Fliptones and also got 33 million YouTube views within seven weeks of release. Trevejo even told her fans that her album would be in Spanglish and this includes both English and Spanish language songs. There were many contracts which she signed with In- Tu Linea, a division of the Universal Music Latin Entertainment label. Her songs ‘Luna Llena’ also debuted on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart at the age of 27 and this also got sold out more than 2,000 downloads at the time.

Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo age, height, Instagram, wiki and lesser-known facts

Real Name
María Luisa Trevejo
Date of Birth15 October 2002 ( Havana, Cuba )
Age18 Years as of December 2020
Height163 cm
Relationship Status Not Known
EducationNot Known
Net Worth100k$ – 500k$ USD
NationalityAmerican, Cuban
Social MediaInstagram – malutrevejo 

Youtube- MaluTrevejo 

Twitter – malutrevejo15

About her personal life

However, there are many who do not like to reveal about their personal life but there are even many celebrities who reveal that. Malu is one of them who has confessed that she is bisexual and she embarked on her career on social media. But this decision of her proved to be a boon for her and brought her so much recognition. She has even confessed that in December 2020 she underwent breast augmentation surgery.

Her works

There are many projects on which she has worked and that also brought her a good amount of recognition. Her talent also found the right attention and she really worked hard and we can conclude this through her works. These are her sweat and day and night, ‘Think About’ (With Andrea Damante via featuring Yung Miami), ‘Pa La Calle’, ‘Walking in the club’, ‘A lo Malu’, ‘Hace Calor’, ‘Down for Your Love’, ‘Como Tu Me Quieres’, ‘Swipe Dat’, ‘En Mi Mente’, ‘Nadie Como Yo’ (With Gente de Zona), ‘Swipe Dat’, ‘Walking in the Club’, ‘A lo Malu’.

Malu really had worked hard and people agreed with her hard work and recognized her talent. She is a recognized American teen social media personality and got popularity on Instagram. When she was just 14 years old she started getting popular and there were 1.3 million fans that started following her. In the year 2014, Malu Trevejo began her social media career and after a year she started tasting success. Malu used to post her photos and videos on Instagram and this started getting the attention of people. However, she was singing also and posting all of her short videos so this is how people discovered about her and got to know about her.  Her fans really admire her a lot and about 3.9 million people are her admirer on Instagram. Malu is even active on her Twitter account and there she has 26k admirers. And she has even got recognized as a personality and more than anything she has earned respect as an Instagram personality and personality. Because she really is talented so everyone has to fall in the end.

Malu a hard-working personality

Whenever there is a discussion about Malu we all know that she is one of those people who have earned everything on her own. She had introduced herself on Instagram and she is also the kind of person who has worked day and night to get this position. Earlier she used to do everything on her own and she used to manage everything all alone but with time she worked on her skills and she is earning a handsome amount.

About her personal life

However, she is one of those personalities who have spoken very frankly about her relations and about her personal life. There were many rumors about her that she is in a relationship with NBA Young Boy and there are even controversies and rumors about her personal and professional life. And she has also become part of scandalous concerns. Although she never shies away from talking about her personal life and in fact, she was always open to talk and speak on it.

What was her motivation?

There are many personalities and celebrities who would have said that it is their talent that kept them motivated. But for me, it is my honesty that helped me to keep on going and moving ahead into life. Her motivation was always inside and it kept on motivating her for higher vision and to work in that direction. When Malu had begun her career then she was no one with her but her motivation and hard work and really helped her to keep on moving and working in that direction.

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You can follow her on her social media and collect all the information about her. She is an active media person and usually posts about herself. Her fans can go and follow her through her social media and enjoy a good time in knowing her more. We are also here with all the information and her pictures and anyone who wants to have everything in one place then, they surely should follow us. We are here with all the help and updates and her fans would not have to wander hither and thither. Malu has really posted her pictures on her social media and she even got many compliments on them so you can surely download them, admire them.

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