5 Signs It’s Time To Switch MSP

Well, you’ve had the same managed service provider for years. Today, after looking at your year-to-date spending, you’re starting to wonder if you’re really getting what you pay for. Is it time to end the partnership and switch MSP?

 Check the following signs to know for sure!

Switch MSP

Top 5 indications you need to change your managed service provider

#1. Persistent problems

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) use sophisticated incident databases and extensive monitoring systems to find and fix problems before they affect your organization. When a problem occurs, a good MSP has the documentation and systems to fix it, as well as an efficient process for resolving the problem should it occur again.

If you feel like you’re experiencing the same problems over and over again, you may need to find a new service provider. Recurring issues indicate that they are not tracking issues correctly, or they are simply patching up issues and hoping they go away on their own.

Common pitfalls are as follows:

  • failed backups;
  • low memory;
  • PC or server crashes.

These are all examples of problems your MSP needs to know about before you do this. A good MSP should prevent problems from occurring and explain what steps need to be taken to ensure they don’t happen again.

#2. Lack of transparency

Your MSP should be able to tell at any time how much time you are accumulating and what open questions you have. Sophisticated ticket systems make it easy to keep track of the status of every issue that arises in your firm. If your MSP is not completely transparent about the services they provide, or if you find that they don’t explain long-time costs in enough detail, then go ahead. You deserve more.

#3. Failure to understand what is important to your business

A knowledgeable MSP recommends improvements that go beyond the hardware. They provide direction for improving workflow, learning, and software systems. They have invaluable industry information on what may or may not work well for your business. For example, the legal industry is chock-full of industry-specific systems—your MSP needs to know the ins and outs of systems tailored to your industry.

#4. Lack of flexibility

If you are using a managed service provider, chances are you are not a large multinational corporation. Small businesses need flexible service providers who can adapt to changing needs. If your MSP cannot work with you in terms of services provided, pricing, or contract terms, you may need to change your MSP.

#5. MSP security seems too “clueless”

Your MSP emails you login passwords? You have just discovered that your new intern has access to your firm’s HR records?

Make sure your MSP practices what it preaches in terms of security. It might be time to change your managed service provider if it doesn’t.

Ultimately, you have many options and should not put up with an MSP that refuses to meet your needs. Over time, you will be able to find one that is right for your business.

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