How to be fancy at college

People always judge you when they see the way you look or what you wear. People tend to treat you based on your outfit. No matter how much of a priority any student places on academics, his or her outfit remains a major concern.

Life at college is a whole new ballgame. Responsibility of what to wear to college, how you look, the brand you represent, and how fancy you are; these all depend on you. While some students adapt almost immediately to the demands of their new environment, it takes some other time for others to do so. Students tend to worry about things like food, money, academics, health, but they worry more importantly on how they look.

Being fancy at college means being the centre of attraction among other students. A lot of people have wrong views of what being fancy is and misunderstand it with having clothes that are extremely expensive. However, being fancy is not about having a lot of clothes but how to wear them.

How to be fancy at college

Meanwhile, not all superior and fancy looks come with high expenses. It is not about how much you have, but how exquisite you can be at college. Being attractive at college boils down to how keen you are in the following:

1. The Way You Talk

The way you talk says a lot about who you are. The words are nothing but products of your thoughts and your creativity. To be fancy in college, you need to learn to talk.

As much as possible, avoid cuss words and let your speech sound with respect at all times. Fancy students are expected to know something about everything and everything about something. People naturally think highly of you when you demonstrate a high level of intelligence.

2. The Way You Dress

Fancy students keep away from open toe slippers. They keep their dresses elegant and simple. Many faculties in college want you to dress formally to classes (male and female). They aim to distinguish you from a random uneducated person. Uniform may include dress for college, polo shirts, T-shirts, Chinos trousers, trousers (stay away from Ripped JeanS), pencil skirts, gown dresses, face caps, neck adornments, etc. all combined well with good shoes. Knowing about what to wear is as important as knowing how you dress. Check the color combination and dressing principles.

3. Your  Friends

The kind of people you communicate with at college is a representation of who you are. Your choice of friends define your taste, class, and your priority. There is always a group of fancy students at college. Every group has a particular interest that joins them together. To be fancy in college, you must be in the group of fancy students.

4. Time Management

Living the life of a fancy college student is of a misplaced priority if your CGPA is really low. Sometimes you’re loaded with crazy assignments that need to be completed over a short time. Whereas, being fancy as a student, you also need to demonstrate excellent academic performance. Hence, there may be a need for you to ask for academic assistance if you have just one question in your head – Who will do homework for me?  Writing services will save your time and reduce the stress of researching to get your assignments or essay writing done by the deadline.


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