Tips for Finding a Magento Developer

Very often, online store owners need help from developers who can change something in the online store. At the same time, you need a reliable specialist to support your e-commerce site. Finding such a specialist can take a lot of time and effort.

That is why the Dinarys team decided to share their own experience on how to hire the best Magento developer for an online store.

As an e-commerce specialist, the Dinarys team has extensive experience in the development of online stores. At first, glance, hiring a developer is a fairly simple task. But in reality, everything is more complicated than it seems.

Magento Developer

Who do you need?

The very first step in finding the best developer is to choose the kind of plan for which you want a developer. Thanks to it, you can greatly simplify this process of finding the specialist you need.

At the very beginning of the journey, give yourself answers to the next questions:

A full-time job or a one-time assignment?

Need an expert to make ongoing fixes on your site?

The answers to such questions are extremely important because one developer can complete a small task once, but not work on your project every day.

In case you need a person permanently, make sure that the developer has quite a time to complete all tasks. Otherwise, the knowledge and abilities of the developer do not matter if the specialist does not have the opportunity to make the job.

Please remark that any developers are specifically examining for long-term plans and will skip tiny assignments.

Nevertheless, before choosing a Magento developer for a permanent job:

  • you should make sure that he has sufficient skills;
  • a test assignment is suitable for that.
  • if you are happy with the result of the analysis scheme, then you can hire him for a more serious project.

How to Choose the Best Magento Developer?

For those who have never dealt with developers and are not very tech-savvy, choosing a developer will be a daunting task. We have prepared a checklist that will give you a complete understanding of what to describe when choosing a developer or organization for the online market.

End result examination

Testing is one of the most important parts of the development method. As a rule, professional e-commerce companies possess a separate professional who tests the site’s performance. This is a very important parameter. If you are attending to hire an agency, learn more about their QA methods to better understand their potential and level of professionalism. The equivalent parameter is used for working with ecommerce company freelance developers. What are the first questions to ask? Ask who will be in charge of testing, someone from the team, or if they direct this work to a dedicated agency. Also, check if they use manual testing or if the method is electronic.

Proficiency with report check systems

When you need to hire a developer for a big plan, be sure to ask about your background with version control systems. A great Magento developer should know this. Moreover, check if your applicants are using version control devices like GIT, or if they are using similar systems.

Previous projects

If you consider you have obtained a certain Magento developer for your online store, request them to give you samples of former schemes they have developed. You can request to dispense as many previous projects as possible or request to give one of the greatest schemes. The principal aim is to see what this specialist is capable of.

Highly specialized area

If you’re attending for a Magento developer for a highly specialized scheme, don’t panic. The first thing to be sure of is if the developer knows a similar field. To be prosperous, your online market must meet specific parameters that suit your particular industry. Otherwise, important areas such as sales and marketing will suffer. Remember that each developer may have a different approach to the project. Moreover, working with an experienced specialist, you can count on that he already has a ready-made circle of instruments and enlargements that are right for your project. Therefore, when studying for a specialist for a highly specialized project, do not forget to inquire if he had knowledge in this area and what conclusions he took from this.

Project management

Typically, e-commerce agencies provide a person who oversees the progress of tasks and the work of developers. Before you start working with such a team, it is worth clarifying whether they will provide such a specialist for your project.


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