With increased height come increased advantages. The gains may be health wise; you may experience it in the social scene and many other circumstances. On matters of health, height advantage only comes from your actual height. This is contrary to the social scene where you can manipulate your height using clothing or even elevator shoes. These wears can immensely alter your appearance to look like you’re taller and thicker or the reverse. You can make yourself appear shorter and slender. Whichever combination you would prefer; it can be done. Let’s find out the specific advantages of being tall.

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1. Perception of confidence

Height and confidence are directly proportional, at least in perception. According to guidomaggi, tall people appear more confident than their shorter counterparts. Confidence is key in the social scene. The more confident you look the higher your chances of striking better conversations and winning better friends as well as deals.

It doesn’t mean shorter people are never confident or do not appear confident. It’s only that height makes people have varying perceptions. The taller one looks the more confident the person appears. There are benefits to this look. You will most likely land great deals from those you meet.

In the social space, the who is who in the society looks for those that appear confident; they want people who are good in conversions in whatever deal they undertake.

2. Health benefits

Your height and weight should balance well. The taller you are the more room for increased weight you have. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a ratio of your weight to height. When you have more height, your BMI will still be healthy. When you are height disadvantaged, the BMI ratio is restricted and that is why your weight is limited.

One question most people ask is whether using your shoes to enhance your height can affect your health positively. Well, the truth is elevator shoes help you look tall.

This means, your BMI will not be affected. The only thing that you can influence is perception. From a distance, people will think you are tall as you look tall. The only thing is your BMI is not reliant on shoes or clothes that make you appear taller.

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3. Tall bodies are fancied more

If you apply for any fashion event, chances are you may get rejected for being short. It is sad and unfortunate but that is the blatant truth. Height is critical in the fashion world. For a tall person, it gets even more interesting when they use elevator shoes.

While on the runway, few things strike. One of the most outstanding features of a model especially in ladies is their height. Fashion judges prefer petite bodies that go well with taller girls. As they catwalk, their curves swing sideways and their heights strike better. Shorter guys and girls need extraordinary bodies to strike viewers eyes from the sides of the runway.

Elevator shoes come in handy for both tall and short guys. For tall men and women, elevator shoes make them even taller. To spice things up, taller guys can even wear elevator shoes. On the other hand, shorter boys and girls should put on high inches elevator shoes to appear taller. That ensures proper balance.

4. Increased chances of being more successful

Success is fueled by different factors. According to research, taller people tend to be more successful. That said, the taller you are the easier it is to bump into life changing opportunities. There are two scenarios when it comes to height. You may be actually tall or you may appear tall. When you are born tall, your height speaks for itself. For shorter people, you can enhance your impression by wearing elevator shoes.

Previously, most men shun from wearing elevator shoes. There were different reasons for that. Most of them didn’t like the fact that elevator shoes were associated with men. In a world where toxic masculinity was the trend, these men avoided any wear that looked feminine.

Today, there is a change in perception. The feminine cliché of elevator shoes is long gone. In fact, more men want the shoes on as they have realized its benefits. The fact is tall men tend to be more successful. Just like any other conclusion or fact, there will always be exceptions. This is no different. Of course, other factors apply. But, while other factors remain constant, it strikes that most successful people are either tall or appear tall.

5. Easy to dress

Most tall people have easy to dress bodies. It is a coincidence that tall people tend to have the best of body structures. This is true although I didn’t mean to take anything from short people. The fact that an individual is taller doesn’t mean they’re a better human being. Everyone is created especially in their own ways. The only thing is that we are human and we have our own unique preferences. It is a coincidence that unique as our thoughts may be, we still find ourselves having identical likes. That said, tall people find themselves advantaged in most circumstances. The reverse can also be true. It doesn’t mean you’ll be advantaged for being tall even when you have a questionable personality.


Height comes with gains and shortcomings. In most cases, the taller you are the more privileged you can get. You’ll be surprised some individuals will love you for being tall but not take you seriously for being short. Once there’s such bias, you already know who’s open to opportunities. Clearly, the favored one will get exposure to better deals. This will always change with individuals.To appear tall, you can wear guidomaggi elevator shoes. These exclusive shoes have the tendency to make you appear tall even when you are not.

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