Simple Ways Businesses are “Greening Up” Their Business Practices

These days you’ve probably heard the phrase “going green” being used so much that it’s almost cliche now. But, as cliche as it may sound, it truly is a sound investment and a great way for businesses to take part in reducing its carbon footprint on the environment.

According to the EPA, they project that due to the environmental issues the world is facing right now, business regulations and the overall landscape of the market will inevitably shift in the near future. This future projection is what led them to layout the EPA Strategic Plan.

Investing in greener practices sounds expensive to lots of companies, but again, it truly is a sound investment and will benefit any business greatly.

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Well, for one, as consumers become more aware of the state of the environment, they’re doing their part in trying to help by purchasing only safe, non-toxic products. And if a business isn’t selling a product but a service, consumers are more willing to invest in those services if they know the company is aware of the environmental issues and have green practices in place.

The bottom line is that people are becoming more aware and conscious of their purchases and how it impacts the environment; They’re willing to invest in products and businesses that are part of the green movement to help create a better future.

If that isn’t enough motivation, then just look at how some of the world’s major companies are pouring billions of dollars into environmental sustainability programs… there must something good about it, right? That reason alone is a good indication that smaller businesses should follow in those footsteps.

But to put your minds at ease, the good news about “greening up” a business is that it doesn’t have to cost your business, or any small business, a fortune. If you want to make sustainability a part of your business practices, here are some simple and inexpensive ways your company can do its part.

Simple and Inexpensive Ways to “Green Up” Your Business

Switch to LED Light Bulbs

You might be sitting here thinking that switching to LED light bulbs isn’t going to contribute much but it indeed will. LED bulbs use far less energy and give off less heat than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights. Plus, they don’t contain harmful gases and mercury-like traditional bulbs do. Now, these bulbs are more expensive than traditional light bulbs, but that’s only because they last five times longer than traditional light bulbs.

Host a Fundraising or Charity Event

People love supporting businesses that are not only about business but also about helping a good cause and will have no problem supporting the business and the cause that business is behind. Not only does it work wonders for your public image but it also just feels good to do something meaningful.

There are many different ways businesses can help charities and host fundraising events. Everything from raising money to donate to an environmental scholarship fund to volunteering with environmental organizations in your local community, whatever you choose to do, you just have to put your business out there. And document your environmental efforts on your company site and on your social media platforms, so your audience can see.

Switch to Alternative Electricity

With traditional electric companies, electricity is generated from fossil fuels, which do considerable damage to the environment and pollute the air. Alternative electricity generates electricity from renewable resources like the sun, water, and wind.

This is an option based on the state you live in, though. So you’ll need to check to see if the state you live in is deregulated or not. If you do live in a deregulated state like Texas, you’ll be able to do an electric rates comparison in Texas and find an electric plan that best meets your business’ energy usage.

Set Up Recycling Bins in the Office

All the paper and plastic bottles your company has thrown out on numerous occasions now must come to an end. Instead of throwing those items in the trash can, enlist the services of a local recycling company that can deliver recycling bins for your business so there’s no waste on your watch.

Clean the Office With Green Cleaning Products

Isn’t it a refreshing feeling to walk into a clean-smelling office? Well, as much as you might enjoy the smell of “clean,” what you’re really smelling is the fresh scent of “toxic!” Those familiar scents like lemon and fresh linen are not only toxic to the environment but they’re also toxic to your health as well.

All the typical cleaning products like window cleaners, dish soap, and bathroom cleaners, consider replacing them with green products. All too often people tend to think that green products are weak and won’t kill germs and harmful bacteria because they don’t have that strong smell but the truth of the matter is that they will, and they’ll clean without harming your body or the environment.

There are numerous other ways your business can “go green,” but these are just a few simple and inexpensive ways for your business to get its feet wet in implementing sustainable practices. Once your entire team is on board, green thinking can become a new facet of your company culture.

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