How to Estimate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure?

Every person who is overweight has one main purpose in life. All overweight people want to lose weight and stay in shape as no one likes looking at a flabby body in the morning. Here, an important point has to be taken into count. Simply wanting to lose weight is not all that helps. You need to have a target as well as a plan. The target would identify the weight you want to lose and the plan would be how you would lose it. The plan would highlight the milestones for each day. In addition to that, it would explain the meals you have to eat and the ones you need to avoid. It is good to know about the calories you wish to lose but to get better results, it is better to get into more specific details. This is where TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) is the key component.


The TDEE component and its implications

The TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) is a more finite measure of how much energy has to be burnt every day. This is not a static flat figure that remains the same for every user. It differs from one user to the other. One person may use the TDEE concept to lose 20 kilos while the other may only be interested in shedding off 5 kilos. The goals of both these individuals are quite different. In addition to that, the energy count they would have to burn every day would differ as well. It is understandable that the individual who aims at losing 20 kilos would be burning more calories.

The TDEE calculator is a quality measuring option

As it is mentioned above, weight losses do not happen overnight. You cannot expect to wake up one fine morning and get a weight count that is 10 kilos less. Hence, being logical and practical is the key. A TDEE calculator by is an amazing option to keep a track of how you are performing and whether the targets are being achieved or not. Here are some essential points related to this tool.

· No generic measures

There is an important point which every person who wants to lose weight should know. Weight loss results depend a lot on body structure, diet intake, age, gender, and other features. Consider an example that two people have the same weight of 80 kilos. Both of them are interested in losing 10 kilos. One of them is 32 years while the other is 45 years. Both these individuals would not be able to achieve the target in the same time frame. This is because the process would vary with age and body formation. The TDEE calculator requires every individual to enter his personal parameters and the daily energy expenditure is calculated on that behalf. No generic measures are involved in this case.

· The sedentary level is very important

It is very important to be physically active if you want the best weight loss results. When you are using the TDEE calculator, you would have to provide details about the physical activity level. Some people are physically very active and visit the gym four to five times a week. Hence, for such people, losing weight is not a problem even if they have large targets. Working out necessarily does not mean that you should spend countless hours at the gym. This is definitely not the case. Being active means exercising or playing some kind of sport. Such activities actually improve the process of metabolism and prevent flab from getting collected on the body.

· A free but accurate estimate

It is a fact that most tools actually helping the users are not free. You may be able to use them for free for a limited time span but in the long run, a paid version has to be procured. TDEE calculators are usually free and no limitations are present in terms of the features which you can use. The tool is completely free and provides you with a clear figure of day to day energy expenditure. Some people prefer keeping track through manual methods. Unfortunately, when you are keeping track of things manually, you can make errors. Secondly, it is added stress for the user as he has to sit down with the plan every day. Using this calculator means getting things done in a more effective and stress free manner.

· No need to go for installations

Do you want to keep a track of things while being on the move? For such tasks, it is important to go for a tool that works online. If an offline tool is being used, the user would be spending time on installations, downloads and performing other tasks. A TDEE calculator is used online which means that no downloads or installations have to be completed. Simply open your browser on any of the devices and use the tool.

Summing It Up

You need to have well defined targets before you even start the weight loss journey. This is only possible if a quality tool is being used to perform the calculations. A TDEE calculator is used to define the targets of energy expenditure. These targets have to be achieved by the user on a day to day basis. Using this tool removes the stress completely from the mind of the user. He does not have to keep a check on the energy spent every day.

In a nutshell, a TDEE calculator provides you with an exact count of the energy you need to burn on a daily basis. This also has another benefit. You can choose meals that match the energy expenditure targets you have to achieve. Using this calculator means that no manual check is needed. Secondly, the estimates are a lot more accurate than manual methods. When you have correct exact targets, losing weight becomes a much easier task to complete. Intelligent people who are serious about losing weight use a quality TDEE calculator to make things easy for themselves.

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