A Complete Guide to Emerging Opportunities in Healthcare Staffing

Healthcare workers remain in high demand today, and organizations must stay ahead of the curve to attract and retain top talent. Thanks to technological advancements and demographic shifts, the industry is experiencing significant changes. Patient needs have changed over the years as America’s population has aged, and healthcare staffing needs are also changing accordingly. What are some key trends that shape healthcare staffing today? How do these trends affect healthcare workers and organizations? 

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Healthcare Staffing

The Gig Economy

Most people associate the gig economy with food delivery and ride-share drivers. However, healthcare also benefits from gig workers. More workers in the industry are choosing temporary and freelance positions. Check out locum tenens trends by specialty and see where workforce shortage and flexibility demands drive the need for these short-term positions. Agile staffing models easily accommodate these workers and allow organizations to fulfill staffing needs and accommodate fluctuating patient volumes. 

The Evolution of Telehealth

Telehealth was basically unheard of a few years ago, but the global pandemic changed that. Today, telehealth is a game changer in healthcare delivery. Patients have increased access to medical professionals globally, easing the burden on traditional healthcare centers. Telehealth services are on the rise, thanks to advances in telemedicine technology. Consumers want healthcare they can easily access, and telemedicine options provide this care. Healthcare organizations must note this and alter staffing models for increased telehealth options. They may recruit specialized telehealth professionals and incorporate telemedicine platforms into daily workflows. 

AI and Automation in Healthcare

Thanks to artificial intelligence and automation, certain aspects of healthcare are transforming. Medical professionals use this technology to diagnose patients, develop treatment plans, handle administrative tasks, and schedule staff members. Healthcare staffing benefits greatly from this technology, with more organizations using it to source candidates and complete credentialing tasks. AI increases overall efficiency and accuracy. Concerns remain, however, regarding job displacement and the ethical use of these tools in staffing. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Healthcare organizations want patients and staff members to feel they belong. To ensure this, they are prioritizing diversity and inclusion. Many organizations are working to diversify their staff with the help of targeted recruitment strategies. These strategies focus on bringing in candidates from underrepresented backgrounds. Diversity training and mentorship programs are becoming the norm in healthcare organizations to support the career advancement of these individuals while making the workplace more inclusive overall. 

Remote Work

The global pandemic changed the way people work. Many individuals remain remote today, including some in the healthcare industry. Industry insiders report remote work opportunities remain popular in healthcare and are becoming more commonplace thanks to advances in telecommuting technology. Doctors and nurses are among those looking to benefit from remote work options, as these opportunities allow them to have a better work-life balance. They can also pursue opportunities outside of their geographical region. 

Healthcare staffing needs continue to rise, and healthcare organizations must find ways to meet these challenges. Innovation and flexibility are two ways they do so today, with the focus on simultaneously meeting the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Organizations can position themselves for the future by utilizing AI, the gig economy, telehealth, diversity, and remote work. They remain competitive in an industry that changes rapidly and thrive while doing so. The future of healthcare is here for those willing to embrace it. 

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