How to Help Your Child Learn to Figure Skate

As a parent, it’s up to you to encourage your child to learn new skills, try new things, and place an emphasis on their physical health and well-being. There’s no better way to tick off all these boxes than by encouraging them to learn a variety of sports. Sports keep them physically active, they help with mental health, and they are a skill your child will take with them the rest of their lives.

If your child has been showing interest in figure skating as of late and you’re not sure how to get them started in the activity, we’ve got some basic tips that you can use. This will help them to approach the activity in a positive manner, setting them up for success.

Learn to Figure Skate

Invest in the Right Kind of Skates

The first step in learning how to ice skate, whatever your child’s age, will be to invest in a pair of proper fitting, good quality skates. You should never buy a pair that is too small or too big, either of these will result in discomfort for your child. They can feel stiff at first, but with use, they will become worked in. If your child ends up loving figure skating and pursues the sport on a more serious level, even competitions, then you’ll probably want to look into a custom boot.

Pick Up Protective Gear

Besides the skates, you may also want to pick up some additional protective gear for your child. While not necessary it can help to make them feel a little more secure and safe as they learn. Safety gear can include a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. Falls are bound to happen when learning, so this can help to protect them against injury.

Cover the Basics – Skate Forward and Stop

Now it’s time to get out on the ice and learn the basics. There is no need to start with fancy tricks and moves, the very first lesson should be how to move forward and stop. These two things alone will take a fair amount of practice, courage, confidence, time, and balance. Offer your child plenty of support during this time, as this can be a scary hurdle for newbies.

Sign Them Up for Lessons

Covering and perfecting the basics can also be a lot easier if you sign them up for lessons. You want to look for beginner figure skating lessons to ensure the class is the right skill level for them. Even if they just take that one course and not take it any further, it can at least help your child to build the foundations of figure skating.

Get Out There as Often As Possible

The final tip is the whole practice makes perfect mentality. It’s a common saying for a reason, and that’s the fact it is true. The more practice time you give them on the ice, the more confident they will feel, and the more they can hone their skills.

An Excellent Activity to Pursue

If your child is showing an interest in learning how to figure skate, these tips can act as a starting point for you.

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