5 Steps To Lose Weight The Natural, Easy Way

Everyone at some point in their life wants to lose weight. A normal and healthy weight can be a BMI between 18.5 to 24.9. Anything lower than those numbers makes you underweight and anything higher makes you overweight or obese. Being on the healthy side of the scale is always the goal. Everyone wants to look good and feel good.

The need to lose weight is more urgent than ever before when summer is on the horizon. We want to be that person on the beach who mindlessly flaunt their body. Unfortunately, losing weight can be difficult.

There are many factors that determine how a person can lose weight. Genetics, environment, hormones, lifestyle, and culture, all plays a part in how we came to our current weight. Committing to a workout can be exhausting and joining a gym can be daunting. But did you know losing weight can be done naturally and easily? Here are some steps to start you off.

Steps To Lose Weight

Cut Back On Sugar

Ever since college, you have probably been ordering aventi hot caramel macchiato at your favorite Starbucks branch, for an energy boost and a moment with that cute barista. But have you ever tried customizing your drink for a healthier option like using non-fat milk, asking for less caramel syrup or simply ordering a plain, strong Americano? Your favorite drink has a whopping 5 teaspoon worth of worthless sugar. That is fattening.

Too much sugar will only lead to your body depositing and creating more fat, but if you cut back on your sugar intake it can start burning carbs stored in your fat and that is how you can start losing some pounds. Simply cutting back on sugar, not totally eliminating them, but minimizing your intake as much as possible.

Obviously, Exercise

There is no other activity closely related to weight loss than exercise, but you need not just any exercise you need a combination or cardio and resistance exercise. Cardio exercises are jogging, cycling, hiking and running. These types of workout can help reduce belly fat.

Resistance exercises are those type of workouts that prompts muscular contraction and results to strength, tone, mass and endurance of your skeletal muscle. This is essential to keep you strong while losing fat.

Eat Breakfast Regularly

You need to make sure you have a proper breakfast every single day. The word breakfast literally comes from two words “break” and “fast”. Meaning it is to essentially break your fast from not eating because you were sleeping. Studies show that people who skip breakfast are likely to gain weight, mainly because they eat more throughout the day because of failing to eat a splendid morning meal. Make sure to start your day with a light but filling food like cereal or low-fat dairy. These type of food are easy to digest yet filling enough that can last you until lunch.

Eat Dinner Early

Refrain from eating a meal or dinner after 7:00 pm, as it is known to come with health benefits including weight loss. When you eat dinner early your body will have enough time to properly digest your food, and a good digestion means a healthier, thinner you. In addition, when you eat dinner early, your body can enter the state of ketosis as it is fasting for a longer time.

Apart from weight loss, eating dinner early can help you achieve good sleep and healthier heart. A good way to start a healthy lifestyle.

Cook Your Own Food

Cooking your own food can help you monitor what actually goes into your plate. The ingredients used for your meal is all under your control, thus you can prevent the possible addition of sugar, fat, chemicals, additives and preservatives. Making the food you eat, a much healthier version of what is available on restaurants or worse, fast-food chains. Less artificial chemicals and unnecessary additives in your food mean a more nutritious and weight losing munch.

These tips will help you strengthen your muscles and burn fat. If you have a problem area, you can always seek treatment for those specific areas while incorporating the tips above to reach your body goals.

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