Have Back Pains? Here’s how Physiotherapy Can Help

Back pain is a very common health issue and nearly 8 out of every 10 person experience back pain at some point in their life.

The degree of back pain may vary from person to person and it may be due to multiple reasons, although the reasons for back pain are not all that severe in most cases.

A professional physiotherapist, like a physio Townsville, can easily assess your back pain and diagnose the reason for it to happen and they can also suggest physiotherapies and exercises that will help alleviate the pain.

Now back pain can be of various types. It can be a localized pain where the pain is felt only in one region most frequently in the lower back area or radiating pain that can travel to your legs and foot as well.

We will now see how physiotherapy can actually help relieve back pains. Read on to know more.

how Physiotherapy Can Help in back pain

Physiotherapy for back pain

Physiotherapy, as we know, is a manual treatment method that uses messages and exercises to cure injuries and pains instead of using medicines or surgeries.

Most of the time a general physician will refer you to a physiotherapist during the early signs of any pains or injuries.

Like doctors, physiotherapists to are registered professionals who use manual therapeutic technique to ease and relieve your pains.

A physiotherapist will first assess you thoroughly by watching the movements of your joints and muscles. Their treatment is mainly based on body mechanics and physiotherapists are well versed in the science of body mechanics.

The treatment of your pain will mainly include exercises and posture correction and improvements that will effectively help in alleviating your back pain.

You can derive maximum benefits from physiotherapy if you visit the therapist at the early signs of pain, the more you linger in pain the more difficult it becomes to treat the pain.

How physiotherapy works for back pain

Physiotherapy includes various treatment techniques that focus on your particular region of the origin of pain and use various exercises and movements to reduce that pain.

Based on your examination a physiotherapist will offer manual therapies that can not only reduce your pain but will also reduce the chances of it occurring again.

Let us see how the various physiotherapies are used to release back pain.

  • Manual therapy

To begin with your treatment the physiotherapist will start with manual therapies. This includes hands on techniques that help relieve the stiffness and knots in your area of pain and improve the movement of the spine and the muscles in the back.

Regular manual therapy slowly reduces the tension and stiffness and you can move your back with more ease.

  • Movement exercises

It is then followed by movement exercises, which helps in restoring the movements of the joints that had been restricted due to the back pain.

Movement exercise is especially effective in treating radiating back pain.

  • Progressive strengthening exercise

This exercise is mostly used in cases of chronic pain. In case you have chronic back pain, strengthening exercise will help relieve the pain by focusing on your endurance and core stability.

When you are undergoing physiotherapeutic treatments it may take a while to notice the differences but in the long term, you will benefit greatly from it.

Not only will you get relief from your pain but the recurrence of the pain can also be stopped by physiotherapy.

Moreover, this method of treatment can effectively treat your chronic back pain as well. But, remember to visit a physiotherapist on the early stages of your pain instead of trying to treat it yourself. This may cause further damage and prolong the treatment duration further.

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