5 Ideas for Designing Chalkboard Tap Handles for Your Bar

Chalkboard tap handles are a great way to personalize your establishment and introduce customers to its range by writing the name of the drink in a special section.

The concept of such beer taps is perfect for bars, where the menu is often updated: you can easily erase the old inscription and write a new one when you need it.

With these handles you can make the beer dispensing even more original: so, in addition to the title, you can write some witty or funny phrase, draw a funny illustration, etc. All to increase your value in the eyes of visitors!

After reading our article, you will learn what are the types of chalkboard tap handles and where to buy them best:

Ideas for Designing Chalkboard Tap Handles for Your Bar

1. Material

This model is usually made of wood.

Such beer taps are more durable than their plastic or metal counterparts and are more resistant to cracks or leaks. They add a touch of charm to any decor and perfectly fit into almost any interior.

There are two types of wood available: ash-tree or alder. Each type of wood has its unique texture, so these beer tap handles will make an indelible impression on visitors.

2. Color

If for some reason standard wooden handles are not suitable, you can paint them in any other desired shade. Most brewers prefer white: then the black label box will be contrasting, and it will be easier for customers to familiarize themselves with the range.

3. Shape

Often brewers prefer rectangular beer taps or paddle-shaped models. These forms are optimal to place all the important information.

There are also cylindrical models with a square knob for inscriptions.

4. Size

This option depends on the shape of the tap you choose.

The dimensions of the rectangular models are 19.6 x 6.2 cm, 25.5 x 4.7 cm, and 20.1 x 5 cm. The dimensions of the cylindrical models with a square section for inscriptions are 20 x 8.2 cm.

5. Branding

In addition to the section where you can write the name of the beer, you can apply all the necessary branding on the handle. For example, apply the logo or slogan of your craft brewery.

Do you know where to order the best chalkboard tap handles?

Take a look at the products of the popular company Xpress Tap Handles: here you will find an excellent selection of different beer tap handles that will make beer dispensing even more convenient and help to attract even more customers to the bar!

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