How to Make Coffee Americano at Home in 5 Easy Steps

Americano is one of the greatest forms of coffee. Americano is Italian for American coffee, and it is one delicious coffee to start your day with. Some people love espresso and do not mind the bitter taste one percent. Some prefer to dilute it with milk and opt for a latte. However, latte or cappuccino dilute espresso. Thus, you do not get the strong coffee flavor that you want.

That’s where Americano comes in. Americano is espresso but diluted and not with milk, but with water. That makes it strong, but not bitter. You get to enjoy the bold aromatic flavor of coffee without milk masking it.

Enjoying Americano at a café means waiting in line and paying extra. It’s better to brew Americano at home using ground coffee beans or even with coffee pods. Let’s check both methods.

Coffee Americano

Americano using Nespresso coffee pods

  • The process for brewing Americano using coffee pods is simple. For this, you need:
  • Coffee pod- 2 (Arpeggio pod or other espresso pods)
  • Hot water

You need to use two pods as Americano usually has a double shot of espresso. You can also make it with one or trip shot, depending upon your preference for strong coffee.

  • Brew your espresso using a single-serve machine.
  • After that, pour it into a glass mug. Now add hot water to dilute the espresso. The ratio is usually 1:1, but you can add more water or coffee according to taste.
  • Isn’t it simple to make Americano using coffee pods? Within seconds, you can enjoy a refreshing drink. Buy coffee pods online and enjoy your American coffee at home.

Americano using beans- 5 simple steps to make Americano at home

To make this at home, here are the things you need.


  • An espresso machine or French Press (You can make espresso in a French Press too)
  • Grinder
  • Measuring scale (for kitchen)
  • A coffee cup


  • Whole coffee beans
  • Hot water

Here are the steps of making an Americano using beans at home

1. Turn the machine on

Before you do anything, you need to turn on your espresso machine. If you do not, it will take a long time for it starts heating up.

2. Measure your beans and grind them

Have a kitchen scale and measure the amount of coffee you need using the scale. With this, you can have a precise amount of coffee, ensuring that you make a perfect cup of espresso. The ratio of coffee to water in Americano is 1:1. Measure the beans according to this or your taste preference. The coffee will depend upon whether you want a single or double, or triple shot of espresso.

After measuring, take out a burr grinder and use the lowest setting. Now, grind the coffee beans till it has a powdery consistency. Measure it again and place it in a container to use later.

3. Tamp the coffee

After the espresso machine warms up, take out its portafilter. Now, put the fine ground coffee on it, and with the tamper, pack it. Be gentle while doing this and apply pressure evenly.

4. Brew the espresso

Put a warm cup under the machine to catch the espresso. Use the settings on your machine to brew an espresso. It doesn’t matter whether you want a double or single or triple shot. The amount of time taken will be the same.

5. Heat the water and combine with the espresso

Americano has twice the amount of water in comparison to espresso. But you can change it as per taste. Heat the required water and keep it aside. Now pour the fresh espresso into a glass mug and add in the warm water. Mix it well to enjoy an aromatic cup of Americano.

Note: There is one more step, but it is optional. If you feel like jazzing up your coffee, you can sprinkle some sugar or cinnamon, or vanilla essence in the coffee and stir it well. However, to enjoy traditional Americano, follow these above five steps only.

Americano is perfect as with this you get to savor the caffeine more. It is a large drink without milk masking the flavor of coffee, so you get to enjoy the freshness of coffee for a long time.

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