Finding temporary jobs in Singapore

Due to the covid-19 pandemic worldwide, many young people are finding it difficult to get a permanent job. Also since the revenues of a large number of businesses are adversely affected due to the pandemic, many businesses are retrenching their employees. It is also difficult for these employees to get permanent jobs again, since many businesses are not hiring. However, most people have daily expenses like food, utilities so they are looking for an alternate source of income till they find a suitable job. One of the best options for a person who wants to make some money and is willing to work hard is a temporary job.

temporary jobs in Singapore


Many large and small businesses do not wish to hire permanent employees, since they are not confident that they will have enough work to keep these employees busy throughout the year. However, many businesses experience an increase in the orders or workload for employees periodically. So to deliver the orders on time, these companies are interested in hiring temporary employees. For other jobs like market research or surveys, the staff is only required for a few weeks, or a few months. Tips for finding the best temporary jobs in Singapore are provided below to help interested job seekers.


One of the criteria for comparing the temporary jobs available, is the compensation being offered, preferably daily or hourly. Every person would like to get the maximum payment for doing the least amount of work. In some cases, the company is willing to pay a higher rate, because it wishes to complete the work fast. In other cases, the temporary work may be tedious or risky, for example visiting homes or offices in an area with a high crime rate or diving in the sea. Usually, the compensation for office work is less while risky fieldwork is more. So depending on the risk which the person is willing to take, the compensation will vary

Skill level

Some of the temporary work like work at a construction site, loading or unloading packed goods, sweeping the floor does not require highly qualified or trained staff. In other cases, for things like driving a forklift, truck, or another vehicle, the worker should have a suitable license. Even for computer related office jobs, like testing software or doing a security audit, the individual applying should have the requisite certification and experience. Usually a person with no license, no certification, and no experience with being paid less for the temporary job, while a highly skilled and well trained professional can expect a higher compensation for the temporary job.

Company size, sector

Larger companies, well established brands have more funds, so they usually pay the temporary staff they hire more for the work which is done. In some sectors, some work is riskier, because the possibility of accidents is higher, so the compensation for the workers doing the temporary work will be higher. There is more competition for some jobs, especially work at home jobs where people from anywhere in the work can do the work, due to which the compensation is often lower.

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