Live a life less ordinary when you purchase your jewellery

The weekend is finally with you, and you are ready to have lots of fun. You love nothing more than to take off your suit and go back to the person that you really want to be.

It will soon be time to apply the black eyeliner and don your black period clothing and put some music on loud before heading into the city to meet up with fellow goths. And tomorrow, you will kick back during the day after visiting one of your favorite shops to purchase a stainless steel Cuban link bracelet from Heart of Bone.

stainless steel Cuban link bracelet from Heart of Bone

You love buying from Heart of Bone because it is no ordinary jeweller. It was inspired by its founder, the creative director, around a decade ago, and it portrays a rebel attitude of dark aesthetics which is perfectly in tune with your attitude and style. The company has a loyal following who has inspired the designers who love to create an environment of fast paced chaos.

The firm creates hand crafted items and special collections appealing to their customer base which include many iconic names in the world of music and entertainment who relate to designs reflecting lives less ordinary. You might well relax and catch up on some of the best horror films of a recent year after you have returned from Collingwood, where the atelier is located.

You know that you will be speaking to like-minded individuals when you visit and get great customer service. Emma, the founder, loves to speak to her customers and get feedback, as she carves. What better way than to buy something that you have actually seen being created in front of your eyes so that you understand the process and the love that goes into it.

There are so many different designs and items to choose from apart from the item you have wanted for a few weeks after scanning the impressive website and knowing that shipping was available if you cannot get to the Melbourne base. You want your bracelet for the monthly event at a club in the city but know that you could have chosen from a selection of earrings, necklaces, and rings as well.

To follow that fire that was born inside you and your darkness, there is no better place for you to buy your jewellery from a company that cares and is as brave and authentic as those who wear it.

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