Why is onlyfans so popular?

What’s onlyfans?

Onlyfans is a private social network where you can make money and also a paid membership platform. In foreign countries, a large number of stars and actors interact with fans through this platform. Fan groups can pay to view private photos and private videos from the members. The statistics showing that number of users are increasing globally..

What about earnings on onlyfans?

The paid content is not exclusive to single shooting methods, etc, & can also be used for paid content.

However, it should be noted that this software also involves some pornography, so it is not allowed in some countries, and it is also illegal. Users need to pay attention to that if you upload your private photos and videos on the software, do paid content.


At the same time, although this software is a private social platform, there may still be leaks of their private photos and videos after uploading to the platform. All users need to protect their privacy when using this software to prevent leakage. Of course, the risk will grow as you get more followers on OnlyFans To promote your OnlyFans, you can visit Follower.co.

A few days ago, OnlyFans’ more than 1.6TB of video content was stolen and has been leaked and spread online. In this regard, Steve Pymm, Marketing Director of OnlyFans, said that the website was not hacked. They investigated and claimed that the entire website was hacked and found no evidence of violating the system, and the leaked files appeared to be planned from multiple sources, including other social media applications.

Currently, the OnlyFans’ tag aggregation page is still being improved. The follow-up will provide you with the rich and comprehensive latest information about “OnlyFans”, OnlyFans picture information, and video content so that you can learn about OnlyFans for the first time Hot information.

What are the success stories of onlyfans users?

According to the British “Daily Star” news on December 22, on Christmas Eve this year, two OnlyFans models with a monthly income of more than one million spent tens of thousands of yuan to buy clothes, food, medicine, and gifts for the poor to help them survive. Have a peaceful and peaceful Christmas.

This charity was initiated by the 29-year-old Venezuelan Sara Falcón Retail and the 49-year-old Australian Gina (Gina Stewart). They are both photo models of the adult website OnlyFans. They sell their sexy photos and videos. The average weekly income is 37,000 pounds (equivalent to RMB 320,000).

It is reported that Sara, who has 365,000 followers on Instagram, spent 20% of her earnings on charitable undertakings to treat small animals and provide food, clothing, and medicine for the poor.

It is worth mentioning that earlier this year, she donated £140,000 for the Australian fire. This year, she also donated £4,500 to Venezuela and Colombia each to buy toys for poor children.

These all types of content help you to make money to promote the onlyfans you can get paid for.

Gina is deeply aware of the fatal blow of the epidemic to the poor. While actively participating in charity, she appeals to everyone to donate to the food bank to save more families who cannot afford to eat.

She also joined Jenna Bentley, the former bunny girl of “Playboy”, to invite fans to get their exclusive fan benefits for free as long as they donate to the Food Bank.

“Although we don’t have many fans, we also want to do our part to help others”, Gina said.

The easy earnings, stars, fan following, success stories, and a lot of types of content make onlyfans popular. However, you may find several sources to buy OnlyFans subscribers and likes to get your target audience.

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