7 Tips to Get Your YouTube Video in Trending

Getting videos trending on YouTube isn’t a matter of luck. Rather, it’s all about having your content and marketing strategies in place. Any YouTube channel that is well-maintained, active & regular, and posts authentic content, can make their videos go viral and trending.

However, as there’s cut-throat competition out there, just posting videos on such a channel is not enough nowadays. To help YouTube videos make it to the trending section, one needs to do is to keep a few things in mind. WP Dev Shed also recommends implementing some marketing strategies.

Ready to get your YouTube video trending? Do you want to learn how to attract more subscribers, likes, comments, views, and shares on your YouTube videos? Do you wish to make your dreams of YouTube stardom a reality?



Below, we’ve discussed seven crucial ways you can successfully share, promote, and make your YouTube videos trend. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Opt For Long-Form Videos

It has been observed that there’s a correlation between length, session duration, and the views of videos on YouTube. Tube Filter recently conducted a study to find out which videos perform better on the platform. The results showed that 8-minute duration videos perform 350% better than 5-minutes duration videos.

Hence, we would suggest you create and post video content with at least 8–10 minutes duration, if not longer. We’re sure that you’ll soon see an increase in the number of your views and automatically watch hours.

However, while making your videos longer, don’t forget the fact that videos should be engaging. If it’s not engaging enough, you’ll see a reverse effect as viewers won’t watch videos till the end. Also, make sure whatever content your videos contain is relevant to your audience, quality, and authentic.

2. Promote Your Videos Quickly & Effectively

Today, there are thousands of videos posted every minute on YouTube. As a result, promotions become necessary to make your video stand out and take it to heights. Not just this, to get videos trending, promotion should be done in the first 3 days of releasing videos.

If you are investing in YouTube video promotions, you must be wanting to make it worth it. So, get as many views as possible at the beginning hours. Be it through your social channels, your blog, video ads, or whatever it is, make as many people watch the video in the first 48–72 hours. Buy views on YouTube to ensure that your video gets enough engagement to get started with. Once you’re done with the initial phase of your promotions, you can serve your targeted audience later.

3. Make Your Thumbnail As Engaging As Possible

The first thing that your audience sees before even watching your video is the thumbnails of your videos. Videos thumbnail is what has the first impression on your audience and encourages them to watch the video. Your thumbnail should be attractive and catchy enough to make people stop scrolling and click your video.

Curate thumbnails that are eye-catching, relevant to your actual content, and develop a curiosity in the mind of its viewers. Thumbnails also say a lot about a brand personality hence, make sure you don’t mess it up.

4. Optimize Meta Data

Getting your metadata is one of the most important things that come into play while getting videos trending. Meta data on YouTube is what SEO is one Google. Getting it right will boost the search and visibility of your videos.

To optimize the meta description of your YouTube videos, you should add proper titles, hashtags, descriptions, credits, etc. Without having the meta description on point, it’s quite impossible to get your videos trending. It’s because your videos will get lost amidst the crowd.

5. Schedule Your Videos

To secure the chances of getting your videos trending, make sure you post videos exactly on days that show the most elevated level of engagement. Research, choose a day, and schedule videos to be posted exactly on the day you want to post.

Some of the best days to post videos on YouTube are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. To be more precise, Sundays are the ideal days to post videos and help them get the trending. We would suggest you post videos either before the beginning of the day (like 8 am – 11 am) or later in the evening (like 5 pm – 8 pm).

6. Stay Relevant To Your Brand’s Image

Make sure that you modify your videos to suit your channel or audience. Don’t try to experiment too much for the heck of making it trending. We say so because bad videos can hurt your channel as well as not be preferred by your audience. If your videos aren’t liked by your audience in the first place, there’s hardly any chance that they’ll trend.

7. Stay Consistent & Disciplined

On that note, we come to the last point, it’s not wrong to say that consistency and discipline a very crucial role to get your videos trending. Most times, whenever someone watches an appealing video, they’re likely to visit that channel and check out other videos. But, if they find the channel to be irregular or not well managed, they’re not going to watch further videos or subscribe. Also, YouTube’s algorithm favors channel promotion over single video promotion.


If you’re on YouTube, then it’s a must that you’re able to make your videos trend. If your videos are not trending you’re not taking missing out on opportunities to boost engagements, build your reputation & credibility, and monetize through the platform. You shouldn’t just create videos for just the sake of it. Now you know everything about how to get your videos trending, it’s time to implement the knowledge!

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