Eco-Warrior Trends That Are Here To Stay

The Eco-warrior revolution started in the early 2000s as more and more people are becoming aware of how dangerous humanity is for the survival of Mother Earth. While not everyone can be a hands-on environmental activist, that doesn’t mean we should let up in our fight to make the world safer, cleaner, and a lot better for the next generation. So we’ve listed down the best eco-warrior trends that exist today that should be here to stay.

Eco-Warrior Trends That Are Here To Stay

1. Scoring Green Airlines

By now, you should be well aware of the ginormous carbon footprint that even one domestic flight can cost. Fortunately, airline companies have also been making giant leaps in terms of technological innovations to lessen that footprint to a minimum.

Not all airlines do this, so you should only be using those who practice or make an effort to reduce their carbon emissions and make air traveling a much more sustainable means of transportation. However, if you want to help out in this regard, you can also minimize your air travel altogether.

2. Organic Fashion

Speaking of trends, if you thought organic mattresses were a big thing here to stay, another thing that would hopefully be a mainstay in the fashion industry is organic fashion. Clothes from this specific product line are made out of organic materials, hence the name, and are sustainably farmed, sourced, and produced until it reaches the end consumer.

Organic fashion isn’t just good for the environment, it has also been proven to be an amazing companion to those with sensitive skin and other issues because they are chemical-free. The best part, organic fashion is becoming cheaper and cheaper to produce which makes them an absolutely worthy purchase.

3. Going Solar

CGS Solar Panels Sydney advises that using solar energy to power up homes, streets, cars, and even entire communities is another trend that is gaining popularity today due to its money-saving costs and ever-increasing affordability.  But it is one that is becoming a hit in many households because of the availability of community solar. Now you might be wondering, what is community solar? Simply put, community solar systems or solar farms allow homeowners to tap into the power of the sun while at the same time eliminating the need for solar panel installation. Amazing, right?

4. Saying No to Paper

This one is something so simple, yet it’s basically easier said than done. A while back, people have been saying no to plastics to prevent these icky and nasty products from contaminating our seas and harming the rest of the world. Back then, paper was actually the alternative. But now, environmentalists are also pushing for the reduction of paper production as too much of that can also lead to deforestation. So today, we’re now opting to shift from paper to digital formats whenever we can.

5. Urban Farming

Environmental advocates who are situated in the city have also adapted a trend of becoming plant parents. And they aren’t just growing decorative plants, they’re also planting herbs and other vegetables through urban farming. Basil, oregano, and even chives are just some of the easiest veggies to plant even when you don’t have a backyard.

6. Mindful Shopping

And last but certainly not least, eco-warriors of today also practice mindful shopping. True eco-warriors know that the best way to help the environment is by lessening consumption, regardless of how organically produced they can be.

This means owning less and buying less, especially when it’s not necessary. This can also mean that they are less tempted by sales, if at all. Although they do buy stuff from time to time, they do so with intention, which means buying only what is essential. Keep that in mind when you go visit the mall or do some online shopping.

The Bottom Line

From something as grand as choosing sustainable flights to simply avoiding buying redundant items, you are already contributing to the ongoing fight to help save Mother Earth. In a way, this makes it realistic for you to join the movement and consider thinking about what you can do for the environment today.

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