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Walmart One has added a new security measure to their algorithm that requires two-step verification just to determine if you are the right person attempting to access your personal information. This is a great security measure to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your information, but it does present a problem for people like me who have been making purchases for years and have thousands of items in their history. Here we will provide wmlink/2step setup verification process.

It can be downloaded to Excel or viewed on the Walmart One website. Whenever someone accesses this information they are required to verify that they are who they say they are by entering their full name and birth date as well as the last 4 digits of their social security number. This used to be sufficient until sometime around 2014 when Walmart One added this new wmlink/2step verification security measure without notifying customers.


What is wmlink/2step?

To determine if you are who you say you are, Walmart One uses a random ID that is generated. It is used to access your account, and then it generates a unique one-time password (OTP). You must enter this OTP in addition to your information and login. Most people are unaware of this change because they have never had a reason to download their Walmart One history before. There are several reasons an individual might need to download their Walmart One history and perform a search on Walmart One.

How To Do 2 Step Verification at wmlink/2step?

The primary reason would be if someone has access to your password. Say you have your credit card saved and someone gets access to it. They will know all of your information as it is saved on Walmart One already, but now they must have your password to make any kind of purchase on Walmart One.

To get around this new requirement you will need to verify that you are who you say you are by entering in the last four digits of your social security number and verifying your full name and birth date with the unique code generated when performing a search on Walmart One.

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How Do I Get A 2-Step Verification Password?

It depends on what kind of computer or device is being used to perform the search. If it is a desktop computer or laptop operating system then you will need to contact customer service on the Walmart One website and ask to have a security code sent. If you are using an iPad or iPhone then there is a link in the lower right corner of the Walmart One app that will download your security code.

Walmart One Accounting

It doesn’t really matter what kind of computer you are using because no purchases can be made if your account is not active. Once you initiate payment on Walmart One, the transaction will sync with Walmart’s own systems and it can no longer be reversed. You must keep in mind that if someone uses your password to purchase something they will also have access to all of your information.

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