White Glove Logistics: A Booming Sector for Many Industries

If you have heard the term ‘white glove logistics’ and are unsure of the exact meaning, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will outline what white glove logistics involves and give some information on the various industries that rely on white glove logistics.

White Glove Logistics

What is White Glove Logistics?

Technically, white glove logistics is the transportation and installation of technical equipment, which could be complex medical equipment like an MRI scanner, a complex access control system, or perhaps an ATM. A leading UK white glove logistics company, Rhenus High Tech, offers a wide range of white glove services, including final mile delivery and reverse logistics. The white glove technicians must spend a lot of time learning about specific equipment, which certifies them to work with complex equipment.

White Glove Services

The following are just some of the tasks that the white glove logistics company carry out:

  • Data Centres – Installation, relocation, and removal of servers and racking systems.
  • Final Mile Delivery – A complex piece of equipment is received by the white glove logistics company close to its final resting position and from that point on, the equipment is the responsibility of the white glove team until it is securely located and configured, ready for use.
  • ATM Installation and Repair – The white glove logistics team transport, install and configure the machines and in some cases, they repair ATMs also.
  • Digital Advertising – The huge digital screens we are seeing in our cities are handled by the white glove logistics team, who also install digital vending machines and touch-screen information boards.
  • Reverse Logistics – Reverse logistics involves the collection of the equipment at the end user’s premises and transporting it to the manufacturer’s facility, which might also include installing a substitute piece of equipment until the original equipment is repaired.
  • IT Hardware Replacement – When a large company wishes to replace all of their IT hardware, they contact the white glove logistics company, who are qualified to dispose of WEEE responsibly. Most of the time, the client wishes to have the IT hardware replaced with more powerful components and a large white glove logistics provider would have the resources to complete the project in all the client’s offices throughout the UK. Click here for information about the importance of creating a strong online presence for your business.
  • Installing Fitness Equipment – When a new gym business opens its doors, the white glove technicians have already installed the state-of-the-art fitness equipment and trained the gym staff on how to bring the equipment online.
  • Secure Telecommunications Platforms – Stock exchanges and other trading organisations that demand secure networks would commission white glove logistics technicians to oversee the creation and maintenance of the communications network.
  • Hospital Equipment – The large and very costly MRI and CAT scanning machines are installed by white glove technicians, which can be very challenging. Imagine the many obstacles the team would encounter when trying to get the equipment to its final resting place.

If you need white glove logistics services, a Google search will help you to locate a leading UK company that has all the solutions for transporting and installing technical equipment.

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