5 Things to Consider Before Replacing Glass in Vinyl Windows?

If the window frame is still usable, do not rush to change the whole window – it is better to do window glass replacement. This way you will save money on repairs and make your windows attractive again.

We’ve highlighted the top 5 factors that will help you understand when to do window glass replacement and what to consider before such a repair.

Replacing Glass in Vinyl Windows

1. Decide if the installation of new windows is suitable for you

The first and most obvious reason to replace old glass with a new one is when it is completely broken or has a lot of cracks.

In addition, it is worth changing the glass if condensation forms on it, it has micro-cracks, or when it constantly fogs up.

If, in addition to the problems with glass, you’ve found defects on frames, in this case, you should consider new windows installation.

2. Take measurements

Try to measure the width, depth, and height of the glass as accurately as possible. Alternatively, you can ask the contractor, who will handle the installation work, to take the measurements.

3. Choose the right type of glazing

Consider safety, soundproofing, and energy efficiency before making a choice. For the best energy efficiency, we recommend choosing Low-E glass.

This coating does not minimize the amount of visible light in your home. And at the same time, it reflects the infrared part of the spectrum, so that the room will maintain a comfortable stable temperature.

Also, to improve insulation, choose double- or triple-glazed windows in which the space between the sections is filled with inert gas.

4. Calculate the cost of the project

The larger the glass, the higher its cost. Also, the type of glazing and the presence of various coatings and tinting on the glass affect the cost.

5. Hire a professional window installer

Replacing glass in plastic windows is not an easy task. It is best to hire a professional window installer to do the job quickly and correctly.

We recommend Vinyl Light Windows & Doors among all contractors providing such services. This Canadian brand has proven itself in this field: it offers a large selection of quality window designs at affordable prices.

In the list of services the company also has window glass replacement, which will make your window safe, energy efficient and beautiful again!

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