5 best Codecademy alternatives – Learn Coding Online for Free

The Internet has opened many opportunities for people to educate themselves. Now, you have Codecademy alternatives that will allow you to explore the world of knowledge and give you an edge in your field. Learning to code is not an easy process, but you can access proper guidance and an easy way to gain knowledge that will put you at an advantage. We are going to look at Codecademy alternatives, where you can learn coding for free. We are not ranking any platform in order, and this list is purely based on free education.

Codecademy alternatives


Codecademy Alternatives to Learn Coding  free Online

1. Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform and among the best Codecademy alternatives, and they have a business model to generate tons of revenue every year. The founders of the platform are professors, and Coursera has free online courses from the world’s renowned institutions. You can learn the new courses for free-of-cost, and they won’t charge you a single penny. Students have to create a free account or login using Google account and then access the free content.

You can learn new courses for free, and there are no limitations, but if you want to get certified, then you have to pay for it. It’s not a bad deal at all, and this is a pool of knowledge that anyone can grasp. You can learn computer science from Arizona State University and the University of Michigan, and they are known for innovation in the United States of America.

You can pick up free courses like Master of Computer Science, Master of Applied Data Science, Master of Public Health, Master of Machine Learning and Data Science, IBM Machine Learning, AI and Machine Learning MasterTrack Certificate, IBM AI Engineering, and more. You can also earn a certificate from reputed USA-based Universities at Coursera.

2. W3Schools

W3Schools is an old player in this game, who have created many courses with time. You can access the course free of cost, and you don’t even have to sign up for an account. Go on and start learning coding for free from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

W3Schools has courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Programming, Server Side, XML, and Web Building. We are talking about coding here, and you can learn Python, Java, C++, C (#), and Machine Learning. You can go through the course, and once you have completed everything, then you can take Start Exercises or Exams that will determine your scores & knowledge. The company generates income from “W3Schools Online Certification” that costs $95 per certification.

The online learning site missing a few things like projects, real-time teaching, and more. You have to depend on self-learning and your experience in it. You have nobody to teach you or guide you, but we have to give W3Schools a round of applause because they made it look easier for the student to try it. Spend an hour a day on learning the C++ or any other programming course of free, and you will master it in 12 months.

3. LinkedIn Learning

There are millions of students who cannot self-learn, and that’s where LinkedIn Learning comes handy. If you are a student, who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on education but want to grab the knowledge at a cheaper cost, then LinkedIn Learning is for you. LinkedIn acquired a learning portal called “Lynda” to understand the business and combine it with a professional social media platform.

The popular social media platform has thousands of courses, and you will be surprised to know that there are courses on video editing as well. You can learn how to edit a video using Adobe Premiere Pro, CSS, MS Team, Javascript, Aftereffects, Photoshop 2020, Audio Mixing, Graphics design, and more. You can search using the search bar, and start learning the courses from day one.

LinkedIn Learning does not offer “free” courses because they mean business, and they want to take every penny possible to generate respectable revenue. However, you get a month free trial and add a credit card to the account. You can cancel it anytime, and if you find something interesting, then you can pay less than $12 a month for the learning.

We loved the monthly plan, and you can play to learn the courses every month, and it costs less than $19. Amazon led LinkedIn selling point is that you have to monthly or yearly cost and access every single piece of course on the entire platform. Millions of users got recruited from LinkedIn, and you can earn a certificate & attach it to your profile to stand out. Above all, you get unlimited access to the library, premium services, and course completion certification.

4. Udemy

Udemy is a blessing for millions of students around the world. The popular educational site added free courses page for the freebies, and the tagline is “we are here to help” which is a strong word in itself. You cannot expect to learn any big-time courses here because Udemy is designed to generate income from the students by offering it at a price.

You can check out the filters learn from beginners level, intermediate level to advanced level. There are courses related to Amazon AWS, Javascript, Blender, Investing, CSS, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Game Developments, Fitness, Blockchain, and more.

It was surprising that the Amazon AWS course is available for free of cost, and you can access the content without paying a single penny. You have to sign up for a free account, and then go through the billing process, where Udemy will show $0 in the cart. You have to purchase the course or add it to the library and start learning the course. Amazon AWS beginner-level course will help you earn a certificate from the official Amazon website for $100, and we think, this is a golden opportunity.

Udemy is offering the courses at the lowest price as possible, and we have subscribed to a couple of them with a 95% discount. You can grab the best deal right now for low as $10, and that’s what we did in Udemy.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a one-way ticket to educating a student, teacher, and parents for the next generation. The platform is a non-profit organization, and it is a community to build an online institution for everyone. The ConStat U.S. Online Education Customer Survey (2018) revealed that US teachers have been performing well to support the class.

Khan Academy community is small as of now, so they have started to work on Kindergarten children to 12th-grade young boys & girls. If you are someone where between K-12, then you can learn a lot of things from Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Grammar, History, College subjects, and more. You have to sign up for a free account and start exploring the online & free education without paying a single penny.

You don’t have to be in the United States of America to learn new education and empower yourself. You can ask your parents to sign up for you, and monitor the progress. You can ask your class teacher to sign up for an account and assign the class tasks within the environment for better exercises and more.

You can download the Android & iOS app for accessibility, but there is no desktop client available at the moment. Fortunately, there is no revenue model that demands fees or charges to access the features and content. Overall, Khan Academy is a wonderful platform for everyone to learn and learn to grow in life.

Bottom Line

We have listed five Codecademy alternatives that you can use to gain knowledge for free-of-cost. The sources will allow you to learn more than coding, and keep your knowledge up-to-date. Let us know what do you think about the Codecademy alternatives in the comment section below.

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