Why are Android smartphones very popular?

The answer to this question is extremely simple, but it is best painted for understanding. There are just a number of reasons for the popularity of Android smartphones, among them are such as:

  • Low prices – this of course explains a lot, since affordability allows buyers to buy and use smartphones more;
  • A large model range is an opportunity to choose from a huge number of phone models that are most suitable for yourself;
  • A wide range of applications – this will allow users to choose the necessary applications in Google Play;
  • Display – a large number of smartphone models have large displays, which increases their graphics capabilities;
  • Services – the presence of a large number of different services developed for Android.

This is not all that the Android smartphone can boast of, but it is enough to make the right choice.

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The most popular Android apps in 2022

Now there are a huge number of applications for Android. With the development of technology, new programs and applications are being developed that help smartphone users in their lives. We can give a list of the most popular applications in this 2022 year:

  • Zedge – an application designed to select and change the ringtones of the phone of its background;
  • Youtube is one of the most popular applications on the Internet. Everyone knows that if you need a video, then YouTube is the best assistant;
  • Microsoft SwiftKey is a unique application that will not only improve the standard keyboard, but also use different languages without changing the settings;
  • Google Drive is a very convenient application that allows you to save both photos and various other digital documents and have prompt access to them;
  • Tasker is an application much more than just a task scheduler that can offer various services to its users;
  • Podcast Addict – for all podcast listeners, this is the best application;
  • LastPass – with the help of this password manager you can greatly improve access and passwords;
  • Google Maps is a unique router, but the main function of the application is designed to work with maps.
  • Google Chrome is a fast and most importantly reliable browser for Android in which you can find anything.

Of course, there are a huge number of developments for the Android smartphone and that is why it enjoys such great popularity.

Short list of the most popular Android games in 2022

Now it is no longer necessary to have a personal computer to have fun and play. It is enough to have an Android smartphone and you can safely download a variety of gaming products for their further use. In the current 2022 year, according to destructamobile.com, the most popular games can be distinguished, namely:

  • Diablo Immortal is an exciting game with huge opportunities and a unique game plot, where the player will be able to pump his character and perform the necessary messiah;
  • Battlefield Mobile is a mobile shooter that will allow players to shoot and destroy using a grid;
  • Apex Legends Mobile is a mobile version of the well-known game Apex Legends, where you can create teams of three people and solve operational problems;
  • Path of Exile Mobile – an exciting action movie with various features;
  • Project: Ragnar – before the apocalyptic world, in which you need to defeat many monsters and cancel the end of the world;
  • Dicey Dungeons – exciting adventures in the dungeon will appeal to many users;
  • CarX Street – night street racing will be a great way to entertain all smartphone users;
  • FIFA Mobile is a well-known football simulator that will delight all fans of world football;
  • Lost Light – a dynamic game with various tasks and interesting actions;
  • Tower of Fantasy is a role-playing game with a huge open world, where everyone can realize their capabilities and desires.

This is only a small range of gaming products from the best developers in the world. But now the choice for entertainment is simply huge, in fact, a mobile phone has become a computer, with all its capabilities, and any application is very convenient and quickly can be downloaded and used.

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