4 Activity Ideas for a First Date

There’s something unique about a first date that is like nothing else. There’s potential in the air, that just maybe this could be your person for life. At the same time, there’s still the wavering doubt that maybe they won’t like you, or that maybe you’ll need a clever excuse to escape.

Above all, there’s the added pressure of wondering what you should do. Going to a formal dinner might seem too, well—formal, while going to a bar might seem anything but original!

The truth is a first date can be fun whether it’s with the love of your life or not. It’s all about what you choose to do. Here are some first date ideas that promise the perfect blend of fun, and also a potential for romance.

Activity Ideas for First Date

Take an Art Class

Why not tap into your creative side by signing up for an art class? This kind of date idea is one that will potentially wow your companion, while also presenting an opportunity to engage in self-expression. After all, art is fun, and can be a great conversation starter. Even if you’re no Picasso, you can both laugh at your disastrous creations while sipping a nice glass of red wine.

Board Games

As we get older, many of us forget how to enjoy the little pleasures in life, like playing a simple board game. It may seem a little funny at first playing a board game with a potential love interest, however, you’ll find that it’s a great icebreaker, and can even bring out your competitive side. There’s nothing that creates a little romantic tension like a competitive edge. Besides, if your date wins, it’s a great excuse for them to redeem themselves by buying you a drink after. 

Embrace The Outdoors

If you go on a date during the warmer months, you might want to consider doing something outside. From taking a hike, to going to the beach, there’s all sorts of ideas for things to do outside. It doesn’t necessarily have to be nice weather to enjoy the outdoors either.

If it’s a crisp fall day, consider putting on your best mid season coat and going for a walk in the park. The outdoors is a great way to enjoy a date on the more casual side, and avoid the pressure of having to sit down and formally engage in chit chat. A stroll allows you to enjoy each other in a natural setting without worrying about much else other than moving your two feet.

Take a Cooking Class

Before you panic and think, “Hang on, I can’t even cook for myself, how am I going to cook for someone else?” think again!  Embracing your insecurities and shortcomings may just be the key to someone’s heart. Regardless of whether you’re the next chef Ramsey or not, a cooking class can be great fun. Not to mention, it’s an opportunity to learn each other’s culinary preferences, which can be a plus if you plan on going on a second date.

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