Website Development: The Keys To Success

We all know what a web designer does – he, or she, designs and builds digital platforms for their clients. To be frank, this is a performance-based industry and a web designer’s client list should say a lot about what they do.

We asked a top web designer what is it that makes a winning website and here are a few pointers.

Website Development

Security –

If your website handles financial transactions, you need a valid SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate, which your web designer can acquire. Customers will not feel confident if your site is unsecured; a secure website contains the prefix ‘HTTPS’, while an unsecured platform has ‘HTTP’ in front of the web address. There is also a small padlock icon to denote a secure web platform, which is found at the start of the URL address.

Easy To Navigate-

Much like a retail store, a commercial website should be easy to follow. In many ways, simplicity is the key and with the best bespoke website development agency, often a custom WordPress development agency Cardiff or your city has, you will have designers create a concept that fits with your ideals. If your platform is user-friendly, people can find what they are looking for without any fuss; this is a prime requisite for any web development project.

Fast Page Loading-

We all know how it feels to be hanging in mid-air, waiting for a web page to load. The 21st century shopper does not like to waste a second! If your site contains lots of hi-res images and some video, make sure you have a decent hosting package with a high bandwidth, which ensures super-fast page loading.

Great Content –

While the web designer isn’t responsible for the content, they do acknowledge the importance of quality content. If you don’t have the skills to write your content, the web design agency has a team of sales copy writers and they are top-notch, creating great content across many industries.

Interactive –

The web is constantly evolving and a good website would offer the user a level of interaction, which might come in the form of a live chat box, where the user can communicate with a real person in real time. A potential customer might have a question and if they can ask someone, it could be the difference between a sale or just an enquiry.

Blog Page

This offers numerous benefits; you can post informative articles that are sector specific to educate your site visitors on every aspect of your industry and what you do. From an SEO perspective, a guest blog page enables you to insert specific key terms that Google recognises and that means a higher ranking within specific searches. Not all your content should be trying to sell your products or services, people appreciate informative content that offers solutions to real-life problems.

As you can see, there are numerous aspects to a successful website and with an award-winning custom web development agency in your corner, your new platform will be everything you wanted and some!

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