8 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Computer

It is not unusual to purchase a PC, only to realize a reduction in performance over time. With continued use, it may boot slower or take longer to execute certain tasks and commands. As the user, this also means that finishing certain tasks or projects may take longer and in some instances, it may even be frustrating. This is especially encountered when dealing with tasks that take up more RAM, storage, and CPU usage. In most cases, this is caused by junk files consuming your memory, unnecessary software eating up on your storage, bugs, hard disk fragments, and just the way you store your PC to mention but a few. Luckily, there are various ways to correct performance issues and keep your PC running at optimal speed. Here are 8 easy ways to enhance your computer for that seamless user experience.

Easy Ways to Enhance Your Computer

1. Install a Good Download App

How many times have you come across a nice YouTube video and wished you could have it on your computer for offline access? Well, at least most of us avid PC users have had challenges when it comes to downloading music and other videos from the world’s largest video platform. But these days, all you need is a good video download solution and you’re good to go. The folks that brought you Viddly at http://vidd.ly/ say that with a good video download app, you can easily download videos from YouTube stress-free. You can even convert videos and download them in other formats such as MP3, which has been a big challenge for many PC users in the past. A download tool enhances your PC by making your PC faster, especially if it’s light, and consumes less space on your hard disk.

2. PC RAM Upgrade

Random Access Memory is one of the main determinants of PC performance. This is because RAM is the memory used by the PC’s to access various programs and crucial files when the computer is running and tasks are executed. When the computer is at use, the available RAM depends on how many programs are running and the amount of random memory each of them is consuming. This is why running multiple applications at the same time often leads to lower computer speeds and even freezes. Therefore, a RAM upgrade can help enhance your PC’s performance. If your computer has a low RAM, you can take it to a professional technician and it will be sorted out without getting worried about getting damaged.

3. Check your web browsers and clear your cache

Different browsers have different browsing speeds. If you notice that your browsing speed is slowly losing pace, you can find a different browser and compare the two. When visiting different sites online, all those traces are stored in the cache memory and if it is not emptied, it can slow down the processing speed of the PC. Also, many sites use cookies to track your browsing habits and all the adverts you watch. All these are stored in cache and browser history, which you can clear to increase your PC speed.

4. Uninstall unnecessary software

Computer programs are essential for various tasks but when they’re no longer necessary, it makes sense to uninstall them. This is because unused software occupies space unnecessarily, which only slows down the functionality of the computer. As covered in the next point, some apps start running immediately when you switch on your laptop even if they are not in use and this can affect your computer’s efficiency. Uninstalling and deleting such software can enhance performance. If you’re not sure about permanently deleting software, you can back up the setup on an external drive.

5. Limit program at startup

Some programs start automatically when you switch on your computer. They run in the background, hence affecting the PC’s performance. You can optimize your computer’s performance by checking to determine which software should start automatically depending on their function and how often you need them. If a program is not essential for the overall function of your computer, it’s best to remove it from the list of startup programs and instead start it manually when you need it. This can help in boosting your computer’s speed.

6. Use disk cleanup and defragmentation

Disk cleanup allows you to find programs that you’ve not used in a while. It cleans and deletes them from your PC, thus creating more space for the programs you use. Performing disk defragmentation regularly will also help improve computer performance.

7. Look out for spyware and viruses

Look out for spyware and viruses

Viruses are all over the internet and sometimes your PC may pick up some as you work with your PC. However, you can install antivirus software that is efficient and occupies low space on your PC. Malware cleanup programs can solve the issue and speed up the functionality without affecting its performance. However, you’ll want to install programs compatible with your PC to avoid additional performance problems.

8. Consider an SSD

A solid-state drive gives better performance in terms of speed. On an SSD, you can run three or more applications smoother and faster. They are commonly used in MacBook, as well as PCs. Some laptops models also allow you to upgrade to SSD. It’s best to talk to a professional technician for advice on which one will best suit your PC.

Computer antivirus is not the only solution for your slow PC. There are many more factors that can affect the performance and efficiency of your computer. The above are just a few ways you can enhance your computer and make it more superior.

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