How to turn Facebook into Ultimate marketing machine of List building?

If you run a business and prefer online marketing, then you should already know that Facebook can be a great marketing tool and list building can increase sales of your products at a great rate. But, have you ever thought of combining both of these strategies? Combining both the strategies will allow you to make your marketing campaign more effective. Most importantly, you can save a lot of time and money. If you had to run these two different marketing campaigns separately, you would need a lot more money and time to make the campaigns successful.

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facebook ads for list building

What is List Building?

First, let me clear the concept of list building. It is really simple. List building is adding more subscribers to your email list to let them know about your products and new offers from time to time. The subscribers will let you have their email address so that you can send emails describing your products and new offers. People, who regularly check their emails, can be your potential customers. You need to make sure your emails can represent your new offers and products quite attractively to make people buy your products or services. However, the more people you can add on your list, the more the chances are to sell products and services.

How to use Facebook for List Building

The best method of capitalizing on your advertising budget to build mailing lists is to have squeezing pages. Squeezing pages are the ones that include Opt-in forms. The page should include such giveaways that can make your target audience interested. You can use URL builder to track that through Google Analytics. When you make all these necessary arrangements, you can start trying to improve your mailing lists through Facebook ad options.

Generally, there are two processes to advertise your squeeze page through Facebook. The first process is very simple. You need to just post a good attractive post on you the wall of your Facebook page and then use the Boost Post Option. Facebook will charge some money and this option is only available to pages that have more than 400 likes.

For boosting a post, you will have two options generally. The first option is showing the ad on homepages of people who like the page and people on their friend lists. If you want, you can also select a specific group of people, no matter they have any connection with your page or not. There are different targeting options such as age, language, location, and gender. The costs of boosting a post depending on the number of people who like your page. If you want to select a specific target audience, you have to increase your budget as your posts will get more exposure.

Facebook has a Create Ad interface. You have to enter your squeeze page’s URL as the destination of the ad. For doing this, first of all, you need to customize the title of your ad, description and the image. Be careful of exceeding 20% in your image as Facebook Ad team won’t approve the ad otherwise. The option of targeting your audience is available at this type of ad too. If your main goal is to get subscribers on your mailing list, you should want that Facebook optimizes your ad for clicks rather than exposure. People won’t become subscribers unless they click on links. Finally, you will have to specify the budget and payment method.

When people will click on your ads, they can be redirected to your website if you want. When they will open accounts on your website, you can offer them to become subscribers in your mailing list. For making them accept the offer, you should very clearly state the benefits they will get after becoming subscribers. Thus, you can use Facebook quite effectively to improve list building strategies. This process is fast, cheap and operational.


If you think that just paying the money to Facebook will lead loads of traffic to your page or your website, you are totally wrong. Facebook will certainly help you, but it won’t do everything for you. You should use your own creativity to make the marketing campaign a successful one. However, users are still trying to buy Facebook likes to get more exposure on their posts.

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