Shitty Cuz Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio and little known facts

Eric Holder, popularly known as “shitty cuz ” and “Fly Mac,” was born in 1989 in Los Angeles. His parents are Ron Holder, a former jazz musician, and Samira “Shirley” Holder. He was raised in Woodland Hills, California.

Shitty Cuz

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Shitty Cuz Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio and little known facts

Real NameEric Holder
Date of Birth1989
Place of BirthLos Angeles
ProfessionWriter, Singer, Artist
Age33 years as of July 2022
Height5 feet 9 inches
Net Worth$1M – $5M estimated
RelationshipsMaura Marie Doyle
CitizenshipUnited States
Social MediaNot Known

Early Life

Eric was living a suburban life with his mom when she broke her back and became paralyzed from the waist down. This forced Eric to spend more time with his father and three sisters: Fiona, Isabella, and Evelyn. According to Eric’s mother Shirley, Eric received part of his creativity from her as well as some of their other family members who were very artistic such as Rita Cheney and their grandfather who is an artist himself.


Eric Holder has always had an artistic side to him, as a child he and his sisters would spend hours on their mom’s computer. According to Eric, he started acting and writing when he was nine. He spent time in a program that trained young actors at the time. When Eric was eleven his mother got her job back and they moved back to Washington where Eric went to public school for two years before moving back up to Laurel Canyon High School in California.


Eric has been in one relationship that lasted until he was 24 years old. The longest relationship he had ever had in his life so far. When he was 22 Eric met a girl at a party and they became an item after only two weeks. They stayed together for the next year and a half, but when the relationship came to a close Eric said “it wasn’t very serious.” Eric’s most recent relationship, which is still going strong, began in 2010 with his girlfriend Maura Marie Doyle.

Hobbies and Interest

Eric Holder enjoys writing poetry, writing songs, and listening to music. Eric is currently working on a book that he has written stories that go along with the book called “Rated R,” which are stories written by Eric himself. He also owns one of his own clothing lines called “Shamelessly Complicit.” In addition to this, Holder is a really big fan of rap music and he loves going to clubs and dance clubs every weekend.

Shitty Cuz Net Worth

As of 2011, Eric Holder has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

Unknown Facts about Shitty Cuz

Eric Holder does not like to reveal any of his personal information such as how much money he has, what school he went to, or what car he owns. Eric Holder has been in shows such as “The Eric Holder Story” and “Shamelessly Complicit.” He also has many different clothing lines including “Rated R.” In 2008 Eric was cast in the movie “Lost Holiday”. The movie centers around a young man who gets the chance to find out the meaning behind somebody coming back from the dead. Eric plays Eddie who has a romantic relationship with some of the other characters in the film.

Bottom line

Eric Holder is an extremely talented and artistic actor who has had a pretty successful career. He has become one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. Eric Holder is currently working on his own clothing line called “Shamelessly Complicit.”

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