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The use of organic materials to manufacture certain finished products or goods has been a worldwide trend for quite some time now. The same is also true in the mattress manufacturing industry. In fact, many retail outlets report that there has been an increasing number of consumers who purchase a natural or organic mattress.

Consumers can easily find many online sites that sell natural mattresses as well as beddings and other sleeping accessories like pillows and cushions. These sites usually compare the advantages of natural sleep systems as compared to those made out of synthetic materials. One of the primary disadvantages of using mattresses made out of synthetic materials is that users stand to involuntarily inhale or take in toxic chemicals or gases that were used to treat and manufacture these sleeping surfaces. Two of the chemicals commonly used as a flame retardant of conventional mattresses are boric acid and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). These chemicals are found to be toxic and carcinogenic. When these mattresses break down, these release chemicals and this process came to be known as off-gassing. These can be absorbed by the body either through breathing or upon contact with skin pores. In addition, commercially processed mattress materials are also very susceptible to dust mites, microscopic feces and other bed-born allergens which could lead to utter sleep discomfort.

Most organic mattresses and mattress covers are made out of materials like natural cotton, rubber or latex, or wool. These natural materials have the natural ability to reduce pressure points that are a common cause of sleep disturbances. These are also found to be very effective in regulating body temperature which is vital in achieving better sleep quality.

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Organic Mattresses Promote a Healthy Environment

Synthetic mattresses are said to be more uncomfortable to sleep on as they tend to absorb body heat. This ultimately results in sleep disturbances on the part of the sleeper as he/she would tend to kick off bed covers just to ward off the heat. These disruptions in the sleeping pattern can be disadvantageous especially when they take place during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep when the body is fully at rest.

Lastly, using organic mattresses, as some environmentalists would say, is one effective way of promoting a healthy environment. Not only will people benefit up to 8 hours of restorative and chemical-free sleep with these mattresses, but they will also be fulfilling their social responsibility towards the environment as well.

One of the popular models is the organic Sleepi mattress, although there are plenty of brands to consider before deciding on anyone. Natural latex mattresses such as the organic Savvy Living mattress range and the Jamestown organic mattress may also be worth considering. Of course, like other types of mattresses, there are available slim organic mattress models and an array of thicknesses.

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