Crypto exchange FTX US closes $400M funding round to reach $8B Valuation.

The American associate of cryptocurrency exchange, FTX US during its first round of funding generated about $400 million. Bitcoin Advantages attains the valuation after closeting a $400 million funding round. President Brett Harrison announces this makes the industry one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the United States.

The venture gives FTX U.S. an $8billion valuation, putting it among the most productive private crypto companies across the globe. According to reports Investors in this round of funding include the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board, SoftBank’s Vision Fund, paradigm, multicoin capital, and Temasek Holdings.

The contract proves that investors’ confidence in start-ups in the cryptocurrency sphere has not wriggled. This is even more positive given the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which dipped massively did not affect investors’ confidence.

Crypto exchange FTX US

Ethereum and Bitcoin are the world’s two greatest virtual currencies. They have both approximately halved in price since reaching a high record in November. Other tokens like Cardano and Solana have undergone even sharper declines.

The recession has promoted what many investors have feared for a long time – a prolonged bearish season dubbed “crypto winter” which could be imminent.  The president of FTX U.S. in the person of Brett Harrisons asserted that the turbulence in the crypto market indicates how these digital coins are unstable financial assets.

Volatility is in both directions. Considering the massive upturns that have been experienced in crypto markets, it’s best to assume that more downturns can still occur. Apparently, the market is presently at a period of downturns.

Brett Harrison explained that the event is not unique to the cryptocurrency industry alone. The stock markets have also experienced massive dips as well. He later asserts that crypto is going to ultimately see a price retrace in the future. FTX US has become a wider company. With a $25 billion valuation, the firm had replicated its headquarters and now runs its operations across the globe from the Bahamas

Bankman-Fried, a 29-year-old entrepreneur, established FTX U.S.  The company was established as an American subsidiary of the main company. This is because it helps to differentiate the firm from its central exchange. As administrators in Washington launched their research into the cryptocurrency market, trading on the platform kicked off in May 2020.

In 2021, FTX U.S. recorded an average daily transaction volume of 7X the usual. By November 2021, the transaction peaked to a daily transaction volume of $800 million and thus was after Bitcoin reached its all-time high. The company sanctioned over $67 billion of crypto assets in spot trading alone in 2021. Presently, the exchange has now recorded more than 1.2 million users registered on its platform.

FTX U.S expects that this round of funding will help the company have a competitive advantage over competitors like Robinhood and coinbase. FTX as a company is also looking to venture into derivatives– agreements that enable traders to speculate asset performance in the market. FTX also bought LedgerX, an options and crypto futures exchange, around late last year.

Harrison declares that the U.S. market for cryptocurrency derivatives pales when compared against the international marketplace. He added that traders recognize that there is a massive opportunity to transfer a larger percentage of such volume onshore.

Furthermore, Harrison said FTX US  plans to use the funds to grow its user base and take off new business lines.

It will also evaluate strategic investments and accessions.

FTX US  also intends to expand its 100 efficient staff, announced Harrison, who formerly worked at Citadel Securities.

Harrison explained that by having these funds, they will be able to go out and be competitive and hire the best people.

Regulation is appearing

Yet, regulators are developing concerns from the quick evolution of the cryptocurrency industry. They are worried specific elements of the crypto market may prompt contagion risks all over the financial markets. Furthermore, more traders are now venturing into digital asset investment without a proper understanding of risk management.

At the moment, crypto exchanges are presently controlled in the U.S. as capital transfer industries. Harrison says that it is not an endurable long-term prospect. He further suggests stricter surveillance with rules and regulations against manipulations in the market. Given it is a primary basis of concern in the cryptocurrency market.

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