How to Make Your Business COVID-safe

If you run any business that involves customers or staff being nearby, you’ve likely wondered what you could do to keep everyone safe during the coronavirus pandemic. As restaurants, stores, and offices begin to reopen. Businesses need to do whatever they can to protect their customers and staff. This could involve putting certain measures in place to encourage social distancing and good hygiene. Here are a few solutions you can take to make your business safer for everyone.

How to Make Your Business COVID-safeHand sanitizer

Make sure you have plenty of hand sanitizer available for both staff and customers. Place a dispenser near the entrance and put up a sign to encourage people to make use of it. Though no replacement for hand washing, hand sanitizer is a great way for fighting germs while on the go. Make sure your dispenser is regularly topped up and try to wipe it down as often as possible with disinfectant to eradicate any germs that may be lurking on the surface.


Screens, such as those offered by, can be a useful way to encourage social distancing and help customers to feel safer. If you run a restaurant, for example, you could use screens between each of your tables to keep customers apart. They could also be useful for maintaining workstations in an office or factory separated. However, it’s important to remember that screens are an addition to social distancing, not a replacement, so should be placed in a way that still keeps customers and staff at least 6 feet apart.

One-way system

If feasible for your business, implement a one-way system for customers. Plan a route that will allow people to go from the entrance, around the premises, and on to the exit without having to double back and potentially cross paths with others. Make sure your route is clear, simple, and easy to follow. Once you’ve planned your route, place large arrows on the floor or walls to indicate which way customers should walk. Your arrows could be painted or could be signs, stickers, or posters for a more temporary solution. Have the arrows at frequent, regular intervals to help remind customers of the system. If you see people deviating from the system, politely point out the correct route.

Limited number of people allowed in at a time

Figure out how many people you can have inside your business while still being able to maintain social distancing and try to stick to this limit. Consider having someone on the door to keep a headcount or a general eye on how busy things are, and to politely ask customers to wait outside if there are too many people inside at any time. Although it may feel like you are effectively turning away customers and potentially hurting your business, limiting numbers of people is an important step to take to keep you, your staff, and your customers safe. Customers are generally understanding of this policy and are happy to wait outside if necessary.

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