The Top Four Benefits of Construction Management Software

Construction project managers know how to spend their time wisely. Multi-tier construction projects require extensive attention to detail, organization, and reliable communication. If you own a construction project, you know how difficult it is to coordinate engineers, laborers, subcontractors, and customers. How do you know if the project is running on time? How can you tell if laborers are working efficiently? It is hard to answer these questions if you are quarantined or simply working at another location. During the recent pandemic, many social distancing standards were set in place for various industries. Each industry had to adapt to be successful. New innovative technology expanded. You no longer have to be on the job site to know what is going on at the job site. Construction project management software is extremely beneficial and can help you cut costs. Here are the top four benefits of construction management software.

Construction Management Software

1. Creates a Roadmap

Construction management software that breaks down a large project into smaller categories. You can set each subproject or goal on a timeline. As each area is completed, it will work towards a timely finish on the larger picture. Construction managers know how frustrating it is to have to tell customers they are not going to meet a deadline. Often, they do not realize this deadline will be missed until it nears. With construction management software, you can visually see where the faults are, what needs to be fixed, and approximately how much time it will take to complete the overall project.

2. Determine Labour Costs

Do you know when your employees are working? Are employees clocking in five minutes early and twenty minutes late each day to get overtime while taking longer lunches? Are other employees showing up late every day? Construction project management software like Jonas Premier can include employee clock-in and clock-out access. You can see in real time who is working and where they are working. You can also determine who is sitting on the clock too long or who is not showing up to work. The best log-in software can be locked so the employee can only log in from a certain IP or physical location. This will prevent employees from clocking out when they have already arrived home.

3. Provide Better Estimates

Construction management software will help you to provide your customers with better estimates. The construction estimates will include line items for materials, supplies, labour, overhead, and profit. You can create detailed estimates or estimates that only include the information you would like included. The estimates will be more accurate than old-handed roundabout estimates. The software can create their figures based on previous jobs and remind you to estimate for items that may have been left out. Customers will be much happier when the job is finished and the overall cost reflects the original estimate.

4. Keep Your Customers Updated

Do your customers ask you every day about the status of the project? Is it hard to answer them directly because you are overseeing multiple projects and cannot quickly get in touch with the subcontractors? With the best project management software, you do not have to call the team. You can open the software and see what has been documented, what has been completed, and where the project stands. For example, you can see if the plumbing has been finished, the interior cabinets have been put in, or if the flooring has been ordered? As each goal is finished it will be updated in the software. As a construction project manager or business owner, you can balance more without compromising personalized customer care. You can quickly check the project software and answer the customer’s questions.

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