Learning Arabic for International Business

Arabic is usually considered one of the hardest languages to learn alongside Japanese. And this is especially true if you are an English or Romance language speaker. But if you are looking to begin a career in international business, then being able to speak Arabic brings with it some great benefits.

It should be noted here that standard Arabic is the formal language of religious scriptures, books, and news programs. But there are over 30 dialects of Arabic and each country will have their own, as well as dialects within it. Be aware when learning the language, that depending on the job opportunity, organisation, or Arabic country, you may end up not speaking the exact same dialect as others. This is unlikely something that will affect the job opportunity, but should be kept in mind.

Learning Arabic for International Business

Plenty of Choice When it Comes to Learning Methods

Because of the rise of the economic powers of Arabic countries, the demand for Arabic language training has increased. Choose from several online methods including online language learning platforms with experienced and qualified tutors. Preply offers Arabic language training for business and conversation. You can choose to learn Standard Arabic or one of the other 30 dialects spoken globally.

Be Head and Shoulders Above the Competition

Going through the job application process is a painful one, especially if you are looking to enter the world of international business and commerce.

While many applicants may speak a second language, the number of them who will speak Arabic will be relatively low, as it is not a hugely popular language among students.

Being an Arabic speaker will not only make you stand out from the crowd, but it will open you up to job opportunities you may not have been aware of.

Opportunities for Travel

Countries in the Middle East where Arabic is spoken have become big global players in the world economy. As a result, the need for bi or multilingual speakers for big companies and organisations in these countries has increased. This presents the perfect opportunity to travel, live abroad and be exposed to new cultures.

Demand for Arabic Speakers is High

Jobs in international business, humanitarian and governmental jobs are continually searching for speakers of Arabic who can handle communicating on sensitive, important issues in the language on the international stage. Because of the rise in Arabic speaking countries’ economic power, many businesses are realising they need to start doing business with those countries. This means that demand for Arabic speakers is rising by the day.

Provides an Opportunity to Break Down Cultural Barriers

Most Arabic speakers are Muslims, and this is a group of people that have had a lot of negative attention in recent years. People all over the world hold unfounded fears and misunderstandings about the people, culture and certain events. Being able to speak the language will give you a rare opportunity to learn more about the people and culture and share this with others. Being able to see things from both sides will makean asset  to organisations and companies that require negotiation and translation on sensitive political, religious or cultural issues.

Starting Your Own Business

Ever wanted to start a business that involves trade or business with Arabic speaking countries? Well learning the language and culture is the only way you’ll do it!

The final word on learning Arabic is – just do it. What have you got to lose? At the worst you have spent time learning one of the top 5 languages worldwide and educated yourself on the history and culture of large groups of people around the world. At best, you secure yourself a fantastic job in the international business sector and never look back.

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