Unleashing the Power of Instant CTI Integration with ServiceNow for Cisco Contact Center

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is transforming the way contact centers interact with customers by enabling intelligent customer support processes and experiences. CTI allows automated applications to capture, coordinate, and manage real-time interaction between agents and customers at any point in the customer journey.

ServiceNow CTI integration for Cisco contact centers allows organizations to integrate their service delivery technology stack and establish smooth communication channels between teams.

In this blog post we will explore the advantages of integrating CTI with SNCC for your contact center needs as well as best practices on how to do it successfully.

Instant CTI Integration with ServiceNow

Overview of CTI Integration

CTI Integration is a technological marvel that has transformed contact centers all over the world. It has made computer-to-telephone communication completely effortless, resulting in improved customer experience.

CTI Integration is an essential tool for contact centers as it brings together multiple channels of communication such as email, chat, voice, social media, and more. This integration helps agents to handle communications more efficiently, reducing call times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Significance of CTI Integration in Contact Centers

For a business to succeed, it is crucial to satisfy its customers and contact centers are very important in achieving that satisfaction. That’s why having CTI Integration is crucial for contact centers.

It helps agents deliver a great customer experience by giving them access to personalized customer information and a quick overview of their history. It also streamlines the agent’s tasks and automates several processes, improving efficiency and enabling them to handle more calls in a shorter time.

Exploring the Benefits of ServiceNow CTI Integration for Cisco Contact Center

Smarter Monitoring

ServiceNow’s CTI Integration for Cisco Contact Center is designed to provide smarter monitoring capabilities, it allows businesses to gain more insight into their customer interactions than ever before. This integration combines ServiceNow’s robust data management capabilities with Cisco’s robust contact center solutions, resulting in various benefits.

Businesses can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions that lead to success by using real-time call monitoring, advanced reporting, and analytics to understand their customer interactions more comprehensively.

Remote Work Capability

ServiceNow CTI Integration for Cisco Contact Center enables employees to work remotely and still have access to all the necessary communication channels required for their job.

The remote work capability provided by this integration makes it possible for contact centers to maintain business continuity while ensuring employee safety and comfort.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

The ServiceNow CTI Integration for Cisco Contact Center provides a seamless integration of data, call routing, and customer information, improving the overall customer experience.

Creating a more efficient workflow through streamlining processes can result in faster responses to customers, leading to a significant improvement in customer satisfaction. Customers will appreciate the superior service, ensuring they remain loyal, and your business can stay ahead of the competition.

Key Features of ServiceNow CTI Integration

The ServiceNow CTI Integration provides several features. Screen pops allow your team to swiftly retrieve customer information during incoming calls, quick record lookup allows for even faster access to that data while transfer and multi-call features make it simple to route calls to the right person and handle multiple callers at once.

Interaction logging keeps a record of each customer interaction, which can be useful for team training and analysis, a supervisor view allows managers to oversee their team’s call handling in real-time, and for quality control purposes, silent monitoring is an option, which means managers can listen in on calls without the customer or representative knowing.

These key features make ServiceNow CTI Integration a game-changer in customer service.

Considerations When Choosing a Solution for Your Business

Integrating ServiceNow CTI into your business can do wonders for your bottom line, but choosing the right integration solution can be daunting. Choosing the right ServiceNow CTI integration solution is crucial, you want to ensure that you have a system in place that can handle all of your communication needs while also seamlessly integrating with your existing ServiceNow setup.

Bucher+Suter offers a ServiceNow CTI integration solution designed for businesses that provides simple integration, enhanced functionality, and various features to improve communication efforts. Their solution can meet your needs, whether you want to improve your internal communication processes or provide better customer support.


CTI Integration with ServiceNow for Cisco Contact Center creates a more streamlined experience both for customers and contact center agents. Customers will enjoy an improved level of service and satisfaction from the contact center, while contact center agents benefit from smarter monitoring.

b+s connects for CTI Integration with CRM offer the best solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations. This solution offers smarter monitoring, remote work capabilities, and improved customer satisfaction, as well as more flexibility than other solutions.

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