Innovative Solutions That Aim To Improve Safety for Construction Workers

The construction industry accounts for approximately 7 percent of all global employment. However, unfortunately, it also makes up for 40 percent of fatal workplace accidents worldwide. The construction industry is a dangerous one, and it’s essential to be cautious when working. With the construction industry booming, it’s necessary to ensure our employees have safe work environments.

Temporarily housing solutions for workers in places like oil fields help provide a safe place to live and work. With the housing shortage in Texas, temporary solutions are essential for workers who move around frequently. Solutions like mobile homes can help them live more comfortably as they work on sites across town or nearby and commute back home at night!

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Improve Safety for Construction Workers

Temporary shelters are perfect because not only do they provide temporary shelter – sometimes even permanent ones! They also allow people who might otherwise sleep in their cars every night at one location instead to go somewhere else after their shifts. These temporary solutions help them stay safe and healthy by providing temporary space, so they don’t have to live out independently or with friends during intense work periods.

Oil field men have a way of being away from their families for long periods. Oilfield camps help in providing some form of leisure activity during this time. Oilfield man camp specializes in providing top-of-the-line camping services to oil industry professionals. It offers everything from RV hookups and all of your basic needs like showers, laundry facilities with dryers for clotheslines, or locking cabinets.

At construction sites, many factors work together to create dangerous situations that eventually lead to deadly accidents and minor injuries. But the good news is that things are changing now. All thanks to the modern-day safety solutions. Unlike the past, the condemnatory contractors and site managers can utilize the following robust tools to improve the safety of construction workers:

1. Wearables

Wearables are a great way to reduce risk and minimize human error. These devices speed up the response time to a great degree enabling workers to keep the mishaps at a distance. Besides, wearables can also generate trackable data, which can help in improving overall work conditions and increase accountability at the construction site. To give you a better idea, we have put together a list of some of the hot-trending wearables devices specifically designed for construction workers:

Smart helmets: Smart helmets have a headband that tracks brain waves and electroencephalogram (EEG). The system sends vibration and voice alerts to connected devices or mobile apps once the algorithms have identified an increase in tiredness or microsleep. Additionally, these helmets feature a camera that records and assists with navigation.

Smartwatches: Smartwatches are still the most loved devices, despite the increasing number of wearable technology options. Managers can monitor the performance of their construction employees and track their health using these smart solutions. Furthermore, smartwatches allow managers to communicate with their workers whether they are at the construction site.

Smart Boots: A well-documented report shows that the market for industrial safety footwear will grow at a rate of 6 percent in the next 5 five years. Smart boots have sensors that detect temperature, GPS, Wi-Fi, and inertial measurement units (IMUs). Interactive smart shoes gather data such as gait patterns and activity patterns. They also analyze the environment and provide real-time location information.

2. Drones

Most construction companies have begun using drones in their construction projects. Among other things, drones can also chip in to ensure that workers work in a safe environment. For example, contractors can exploit drones to conduct pre-construction inspection, which is essential to ensure that the site is free from obstacles that may cause injury to workers and projects moves smoothly and safely into the next phase. This job can prove dangerous for humans because some areas may be unstable or difficult to access.

Site inspectors are safer with drone technology because they can inspect sites remotely and avoid dangerous areas. On top of that, drone inspections are also faster and more cost-effective. Drones can take precise measurements with 3D mapping software, near and far-infrared cameras, as well as laser range finders. Apart from that, contractors can use drones to keep an eye on workers and ensure safety. These drones take photos of construction work to create built-in models. As a result, workers stay informed about changes in work conditions.

Since the Federal Aviation Administration set the rules for drone use in 2016, many construction companies have adopted their use to improve safety on construction sites.

3. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) enables workers to collaborate with contractors and customers in real-time, adapting plans and processes during every project stage. AR highlights hazards in complex areas at a construction site. Managers can also identify the most dangerous and difficult points in the construction schedule with this technology. According to construction experts, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR will both be used in the future to scan buildings against designs. It will reduce risks and significantly improve the quality of construction.

4. Site Sensors

Lately, manufacturers have developed site sensors to monitor temperature, noise levels, and dust particulates on construction sites to reduce worker exposure. These sensors are installed throughout construction sites and alert workers when permissible exposure levels are reached. The sensors collect data that can be used to make sure workers comply with OSHA regulations.

Wrapping Up

Construction sites can be dangerous, no matter how hard companies try to protect their employees. Numerous workers, power tools, and heavy equipment can pose dangers and create problems for workers along the way. Thankfully, contractors can now invest in the innovative solutions listed above and provide a safe environment for the workforce. By giving workers a sense of security, contractors can also expect improved productivity from workers.

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