Offshore Software Development: When You Should Do It?

Since we are living in a world full of advanced technologies it is quite predictable that the software industry has developed significantly. Some experts believe that the number of software developing companies can reach a few millions in the nearest 10 years. Consequently, the competition among business owners rises and they are constantly seeking for new solutions.

Offshore Software Development

What does offshore software development mean?

Offshore software development presupposes opening a new office in another country and hiring an offshore team for working there on a permanent basis. It means that your team will be working and located not in the place your business is established. Just like Microsoft, Apple, and Google companies have their offices in Silicon Valley. As you can see, offshore software is not new.

Why is it so popular?

 If you are thinking about choosing such a service, opt for offshore custom software development by DICEUS  and get professional support. However, before taking such a decision you must understand why offshore software development is so important. Among the main advantages of doing so is the capability of optimizing the tax burden, preserving and increasing the company’s capital.

1. Bringing the idea to life

The software development process itself is a tough one. It requires a lot of energy, time, and effort. To build an offshore company you must be very determined from the beginning. The most essential aspect of the business establishment process is to find a reliable and professional team. If we talk about a remote office, make sure you have a person here who can take responsibility for all crucial stages.

2. Budget management

The maintenance of an enterprise software development company may really cost a fortune. High-skilled engineers with vast experience and great expertise would ask for rather high salaries. Moreover, we should remember about such expenditures as insurance coverage, bonuses system, etc.

In this case, offshore software can save you a lot of resources. As a rule, business owners opt for some Western countries, where people have smaller salaries. However, it doesn’t mean that the quality of the services will suffer. Our experience has shown that people from developing countries are also well-educated and motivated to work hard.

3. Speed up the development process

Since the number of sophisticated and prosperous companies is constantly growing, the competition is really scary. To stay afloat a business owner must keep abreast of the times and leave rivals behind.

The process of hiring professionals and finding appropriate locations can take a lot of time. However, thanks to offshore software business owners can opt for a country, where it will be much easier to build a company in terms of material, infrastructural and human resources, and potentials.

4. Opportunities for business scaling

If you already run a company or organization and want to get more, offshore software development may be entirely beneficial for you. Thanks to it you will be capable of scaling your business. In such a way you will get more profit and respect from others. The more finials you have, the more reliable your services for customers will be.

For example, if you opt for India or Ukraine as a location of your offshore business you will get a large pool of highly educated and experienced experts who ask for relatively small payment. This fact is beneficial not only for you, but also for your customers. Why? Simply because your company will be capable of providing great services at lower prices. Consequently, you will stand a chance of getting the most beneficial contracts and receiving appealing proposals.

Drawing conclusions

All in all, offshore software development is a great option for both startups and prosperous companies. Innovations are pivotal for any business growth and all the countries are ready to host all establishments which provide new job opportunities for their citizens. Offshore helps companies scale and develop. Remote developers can cope with all needed tasks and share their experience with you. The most suitable locations, national business regulations, working personnel – these and many other aspects of work can be chosen by you without any binding to a particular country. As you see, the benefits are multiple, but the final decision lies only with you!















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