Smart Rules When Proposing to an Indian Woman

Women, in general, love romantic proposals. Their hearts could quickly melt after hearing stories of how a man proposed to his lady love in the sweetest way possible. Indian women are no different from other nationalities. They also love to hear the most endearing engagement stories.

More importantly, they would also like to have their romantic proposal from the love of their lives. But before you choose among all the gorgeous solitaire rings in the market, here are several factors to consider before you propose to an Indian woman:

Smart Rules When Proposing to an Indian Woman

Length of Your Relationship

Dating an Indian woman for a couple of weeks is not enough time to propose to her. No matter how sure you are about your love for her, it will not guarantee that you will have a fruitful married life in the long run. Most Indian women would like to get to know more about their men before considering a lifelong commitment to that person. You should wait for several months before you decide to ask your Indian woman for her hand in marriage.

Quality of Your Relationship

Even if you are seeing your Indian girlfriend for years but only get to spend limited moments alone with her, then you should hold back on proposing to her. Remember, women in India want to get to know their partners first.

She would find it awkward to accept your proposal if you ask her to marry you right away. Make sure that your girlfriend already trusts you before shopping for solitaire rings for your planned proposal.

Proper Timing

Choose the right moment before you propose to your Indian girlfriend. Make sure that she is in the right mood before you pop the big question. If you notice that she is in a bad mood, then cancel your plans right away to avoid rejection.

You might want to start dropping hints about your plans to ask her to spend the rest of your lives together several weeks before your planned date. It may even make her anticipate your move so she will be in a good mood every time you are spending time together.

Come up With a Romantic Plan

All women want to feel like a princess every once in a while. You might want to come up with smart ways to propose to her to make her feel that she is extraordinary. You can get inspiration from her favorite soap or Bollywood movies.

You may also think of an out of the box way to ask her hand in marriage. If you are running out of brilliant plans for your proposal, you can ask her closest friends or family members to give you an idea. This move will help you conduct a fool-proof proposal plan that will melt her heart.

Choice Your Words

To make sure that you get a positive answer from your Indian girlfriend, you need to blurt out the right worlds. Write whatever you want to tell her in a piece of paper and read it aloud to know if it sounds right.

You may even ask someone you can trust to help you determine if your speech can sweep her off her feet. You may also choose spontaneity, but you might forget what you want to tell her because of your nerves.

Proposing to your Indian girlfriend can be nerve-wracking. But it would be an exceptional event if she says yes. So, make sure that you prepare well for your planned proposal so you will not have a hard time getting the answer that you want. After all, your engagement can turn into a lifelong commitment that Indian women take seriously.

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