GoGoPDF: Convert, Protect, Edit And Merge PDF Files

GoGoPDF is one of the most reliable websites when it comes to PDF file formats. The website has a total of twenty-six tools that you may use fr your electronic files, especially the ones already converted to PDF. The website is very safe to use, and your uploaded files are safe with them, which will be deleted after a few hours after you upload them.

The website is free to use, and there are no subscriptions yet which means, unlimited usage without paying anything. It has a colorful approach compared with the other websites, and they are very well organized and neat with their tools. Here are some of their available tools you might want to know before going to their website.

Convert, Protect, Edit And Merge PDF Files

How To Protect Your PDF Files?

There are various threats around us, not only in person but also on the internet as well. One of these internet threats that could harm your files is viruses, alterations, copying of file content, and unauthorized people viewing your documents, commonly known as hackers. You must no longer be afraid of them because your PDF file can be protected by adding up a password on it, and only the authorized ones can use the Unlock PDF tool.

GoGoPDF can assist you in protecting your file using their Protect PDF tool on their website. With this tool, you can add a password of your choice to keep your files locked from strangers. You just have to follow the guide stated below for this tool.

  1. Choose the file from your folder and upload it to the toolbox.
  2. Once the file is scanned and uploaded, type the passcode by following the instructions provided.
  3. When done, your file is ready for download, and you can also email it directly to your recipients by copying the link provided.

How To Convert Files To PDF?

Converting your MS office files to PDF is a very wise move because your files will be kept secured and private or you can convert your pdf to a website. No one can edit your file or change the format, and your files will be protected from different viruses online. Besides that, by converting your files to PDF, your files will be squeezed into a smaller size without changing their quality.

GoGoPDF has all the six various conversion tools you might be needing for your MS office documents, HTML, JPG, and more. They can convert your files from the various MS Office formats to PDF and vice-versa.  Here are the guides on how to do it:

  1. Select the document you like to convert to PDF from your device and upload it to the converter tool.
  2. The converter tool of GoGoPDF will start scanning your file and start its process.
  3. Wait until the conversion tool is finished copying the texts, formats from the original document and convert it to PDF.
  4. You can now download and save the new PDF file to your device.

How To Merge PDF Files?

The merging of PDF files is an ideal thing to do, especially if you want to declutter some documents and free up some space in your hard drive. Combining multiple documents into one is a perfect idea. It also helps you find the file easily compared to having them in different folders. Good to know that GoGoPDF has the tool that you need for this, the Merge PDF tool.

  1. Here are the ways on how to Merge multiple documents into one:
  2. Open the folder with the different PDF documents that you want to merge and upload them to the merger box.
  3. When all those files are uploaded, the GoGoPDF merger box will start merging your files into one; this may take a few minutes, especially if there are many files to be merged.
  4. When done, you can download the merged PDF file in high-quality to your computer.

How To Edit A PDF File?

We can’t deny that editing a PDF file using an application might consume a lot of time. Good to know that GoGoPDF has the Edit PDF tool on their website where you can make an edit to your PDF file in a faster and easy way. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Upload the PDF you want to edit to the editing area of the website.
  2. Once that file is uploaded, GoGoPDF will start processing your document.
  3. Make all the edits you want using the various tools they provide.
  4. When done, download it to your computer for safekeeping.


This website is a user-friendly one, and you can use their various tools for free. You are now knowledgeable with their Protect PDF, conversion tools, merge PDF and edit PDF tools, and how and why you should use them.

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