What is the US residential proxy for?

A proxy server in direct transfer is an “intermediary” and actually a kind of protection that is located between a computer and the Internet. The proxy stores data about the most frequently used websites and, if necessary, can also hide the IP address of the network user.

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What is the benefit of residential proxies?

A residential proxy server intercepts all access of requests and provides cached responses, so pages open faster and more efficiently. However, if the selected page is not stored in the proxy’s memory, it downloads the page from the server and creates a copy of it.

us residential proxy

How are proxy servers used?

Because of the significant importance proxy servers are used for many purposes – private and business. A proxy can greatly improve network response performance. When a user sends a request, the proxy server loads the data directly from its cache – if a copy of the page has been previously created.

The proxy server also plays an extremely important role in filtering the content of a site. Therefore, many employers use this solution on employees’ computers. A working person, while doing his work and using the Internet, can block access to, for example, social networks and websites intended solely for entertainment. This is to prevent personal abuse of the network during business hours. What may seem ridiculous is that employees can use a proxy gateway to gain access to sites blocked by the employer.

Some web servers may format websites to suit specific audiences or specific company and personal needs. In addition, the proxy server also plays a security role. It can prevent the installation of malware and various types of viruses.

Benefits of the US residential proxy

Proxy servers have many advantages. First, they significantly affect network performance. To quickly open a specific page, the proxy server loads the content from the cache (if the page has been loaded before). Thus, the capacity usage and costs are reduced, that’s why many large firms cannot imagine functioning without this service. In addition, it supports monitoring and filtering the content of the site. It helps to control the online activity of users. A proxy also allows you to browse websites anonymously. It hides the user’s IP address and location.

Using a residential proxy can give you access to:

  • American content;
  • checking advertising.

There are also disadvantages, but few. A negative feature of a proxy server can be pointed out as the possibility of incorrect settings, which can make it difficult to use the Internet. Unfortunately, proxy servers have become a serious weapon used in cyberattacks. Due to the properties and characteristics of proxies, targeting cybercriminals sometimes becomes impossible. As you can see, anonymity on the Internet can have two faces.

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