5 Shopping Tips for Online Purchases

The holiday shopping season is in full swing! Make sure you are making the most out of your gift shopping experience by keeping these in mind as you do your last-minute bargain hunting online.

Practice Safe Browsing

Internet shopping has gotten so popular that it has unfortunately also attracted the attention of crooks. Phishing links have become so common in recent years that you need to observe this basic safety tip. When you are browsing an unfamiliar site, always check if the URL or website address starts with HTTPS and not just HTTP. The S literally stands for Secure that’s why it is also accompanied by a tiny lock just on the left side of your screen. It is also a good rule of thumb to practice connecting only to secure networks available. As much as possible, avoid public web connections that might expose your personal information to fraudsters who can steal this for their various schemes.

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Toughen Your Password

A second rule for basic internet hygiene these days is to ensure that you have the strongest password you can create. Various websites usually set their own standards for secure passwords but you can always go the extra mile since you come up with it on your own. The longer the password, the better. But random passwords are the best.

If It’s Too Good To Be True, It Is

Ads that just casually pop up on your screen are not just irritating. They can also be quite dangerous. Sometimes, hackers take this approach because there is the chance that you might arbitrarily click on one due to the amount of screen space they can take up. They also tend to dress up these ads with unbelievable promotions so that they can lure you to phishing websites. The more attractive the promotion, the more victims they can rob of the valuable credit card information.

Use Paypal

Since you have no choice but to enter the Card Verification Value (CVV) when you check out your orders and pay using your favorite plastic card, it might be a better option to go for the Paypal mode of payment whenever it is available. Paypal’s reputation for security is well-known and they also provide protection from sellers who don’t do right by you. If you have a lot of credit cards, using Paypal will also mean getting a list of your purchases so that you have a record you can reflect on at the end of every month.

Search For Promo Codes

Sales are wonderful but they don’t happen all the time. The good news is, stores do run a variety of marketing schemes under the radar and a quick internet search for “Staples promo code” can easily return with a convenient discount for your office supplies or even better discount offers with Bass Pro promo code. And even if the items in your cart are already marked down, make it a habit to do your promo code sweep just to be on the safe side. Small savings consistently made can amount to a fortune at the end of every year!

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